Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Illegal Aliens and the great escape

I've been really busy for the last couple of weeks with application forms and interview preparations as well as organising Julie's 40th birthday party so I haven't posted my summary for the last couple of Dream team events. I will get to them soon, hopefully by the weekend.

To add to the hectic life though we've got some new visitors.

Firstly I think we have sons/daughters of Mickey mouse who seem to have learnt a lesson regarding the traps since they have not been taking anything from them. All had been quiet for a couple of weeks and I was even contemplating removing the traps until last Friday when Julie went into the kitchen, only to return very quickly telling me that a mouse was in there.

Unfortunately that time it had disappeared by the time I got there.

However, I was playing the never ending late night $5k guaranteed on ipoker on Sunday night, desperately trying to stay awake at 4.30 am (luckily no work the next morning!) so decided I would get a drink to try to keep me awake when I got the perfect antidote to tiredness when son of Mickey started running towards me.

A quick jolt of adrenaline later I got my slippers and started to slowly move the bin that he was hiding behind.

With the mouse catching device (not a trap but a kind of maze that it can't get out of) strategically placed I was hoping that it would run into the trap but instead it ran underneath some cardboard.

By this time the tournament break had ended so I'm doing all this whilst trying to work out how to play Jacks under the gun on a 9 handed table!

Eventually I decided that Son of Mickey wasn't going to fall for the trap and so

(don't read the next 3 paragraphs if you get upset by rodent death!!!)

I stamped on him.

As I was putting the bins back I noticed a quick movement out of the corner of my eye and after I had folded my pair of twos in the small blind to a cut off raise I found daughter of Mickey cowering in the corner.

This time, as I was moving the trap, she started to run towards me aiming for the safety of the back of the fridge, so another quick stamp and she was gone too.

A quick ceremonial toss into the wheelie bin and I was back to my pair of kings which naturally got crushed by AQ and it was goodnight from him!

Now some background to our next visitors.

We have been seeing some ants over the last few months, not many, the odd one or three appearing every other day or so which we have been killing, but not a major problem.

Because of the time of year though we think we must have a nest in the house somewhere.

Whilst this mouse saga has been going on we have noticed some debris on the floor in the sitting room that looks a little bit like plaster that has been rubbed off a wall.

After clearing it up a couple of times I had a look to see where it was coming from and there was no possible source as everything above it was painted and there was no damage at all to the walls or ceiling.

So the next night I inspected the debris closer and noticed some ant body parts!

A little ant head here, a couple of ant limbs there.

Seriously, I am not joking about this!

Anyway I have a theory about this.

I reckon the ants must be clearing out their nests and burrowing deeper, building the nest and they are bringing up the debris to the surface much like Steve McQueen did in the Great escape!

My theory seems to be good because I have put some ant powder down in the area and the debris hasn't returned... Strangely enough a wooden gymnastics horse has turned up though!!!

Anyway, this post has gone on far longer than I envisaged.

I will post again soon once these interviews are out of the way - I've got 2 tomorrow


  1. You need to find an ant with a long black leather coat, monacle and a limp to keep them all in line.

  2. What were you putting on the traps as bait? They love chocolate the fat bastards and also bacon rind. Little twats go mental for it.

  3. Chocolate or chocolate biscuits has had best results. I('ve heard peanut butter is good too but we don't like it ourselves.