Friday, 8 May 2009


I was looking at my visitor statistics today after a question I was asked and noticed that the number of hits on Sunday was 3 times as high as the highest ever day.
Intrigued, I decided to find out why, looking for the source of the additional hits on the assumption that my blog was being promoted somewhere that was having a profound effect.
I also had a look to see if there was a reason in the content of what I posted and when I looked I noticed the picture of a mouse caught in the trap and thought that I had unearthed a bit of a morbid trend among the people who had visited.
After a bit of digging though I looking at the IP addresses and what the source was I discovered that it was coming from Canada from Yahoo.
It turns out that some my blog must have been reported for abuse because of the picture.
I did have a second thought when I originally selected the picture from the Internet but decided that there was no blood and posted the photo anyway. After all the blog is poker related and is aimed at adults so I thought it would be OK.
I've had no contact regarding the photo but just in case I start to get animal rights activists banging down my door and so that I don't get a knock from anyone wanting to take me somewhere like Guantanamo Bay I've decided to change the photo.
On a serious note though, if I have offended anyone then I apologies, and if I've offended anyone by taking the photo down, then I apologise to you too, but I'm sure you can find some worse pictures on the net somewhere! - No doubt Amatay could give you some help in that direction!
Anyway, off to footy now and a couple of drinks later.
Oh, and any resemblance in the picture to anyone living or not that might or might not have been taken to Guantanamo Bay or anywhere similar is purely coincidental!


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  2. Hi Michael, I don't normally follow poker, but 1 do so enjoy reading your blog post about your poker sessions, carry on like this and I might well be tempted to play. As for your comments on other issues, your humour borders on sarcasm and genuine concern not to offend any-one but we all make little errors don't we. Back to your humour, you really do crack me up (I learnt that expression from you I think) even when you raise serious issues you are able to put some humour in it, personally I really like your humour and enjoy your blogs, so don't stop writing in your unique & inimitable way its great

  3. Thanks fo the comment anon. My last post wasn't meant to be so apologetic when I started writing it!