Saturday, 2 May 2009

Mickey Mouse

Well, we've got ourselves a new pet. I say pet but no-one bought our new friend and no-one even wants him. He comes out at night and has perfected the are of taking food from mouse traps without setting them off. So I had to go to B&Q to get a couple of new traps, one that is a tunnel and traps the mouse when it goes through and the other trap allows the mouse to enter the box but then closes up behind it trapping him in there.

I had a job interview yesterday for a company in Whiston which is 15 minutes away. They have a big finance team there and I got on really well with the interviewer. Unfortunately they have decided to change the role that they are recruiting for but the good news is they have a 9 month role that the other interviewer is recruiting for and he was apparently very impressed with me so I am really hopeful that one works out because there will be opportunities once I am in there and I would be pretty confident of securing something permanent if I can get in there.

Poker wise, tonight was just th night from hell. After playing on my own account the other night when badbeat was down and winning two out of 4 stts for a $470 profit tonight I lost $250 when if it could go wrong it did. Losing runner runner almost every time and in one Multi table tournament losing to the table donkey in 6 out of 6 hands every single time being well ahead all in pre flop against hands like K6, 57, J2 etc etc etc. But hey, that's poker and I always say that I want to go up against hands like that and if I lose chips then that's variance.

I've seen the discussion on Steve Holden's blog and on Blonde regarding folding KK v Ax pre flop and I've commented that you just have to take those chances because it's not very often you can be that far ahead when you're playing poker! Also, if you are folding hands like that you will also get run over a lot more too.

On the football front Manchester United travel to Middlesborough looking for a win that will pretty much guarantee them the title.

They do it though, without Ferdinand, and in between two tough games against Arsenal.

All the indications are that Ferguson will play a much weakened team against Middlesborough who will be fighting for their premiership lives.

I've won some money on Man Utd over the last couple of games including a nice £80 just after Tottenham scored their second goal.

However, I won't be backing them tomorrow and I think that 6-1 onMiddlesborough winning at home, especially since they've had a couple of good results against them in past seasons, is well worth a look.

I can't make the bet though because I really want them to lose anyway and betting on them losing just doubles the pain if they don't.

Anyway, come on borough!


  1. You out Huyton kinda way then Mike? Im only 15 minutes from Whiston myself but the other way.

  2. I live in Tuebrook so it's only down to the end of the M62 and then right at the rocket till you get to the Jolly Miller.