Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dream Team V Event 2

Event 2 of the dream team was held on Monday night.

The start time is 7pm so I made sure I was logged in at 6.30 and opened Grandslam to register, only to find that I was already registered.

Thinking that I must have registered last week, I thought nothing more and so started a game of monopoly with Andrew, my son, whilst waiting for the tournament to start.

By 7.05 the tournament table still hasn’t opened and so I have a look to see what has gone wrong and find that I am not registered!

Wondering if I am going insane I had a look around the lobby and see that in the ‘my tournaments’ section, the Dream Team tournament that I had been looking at at 6.30 was in fact the grand final.

Obviously now it’s too late to play so at least Andrew was made up that he had my full attention.

Anyway, we had 5 players in the tournament with best place going to Darren in 9th for 1250 points.

Then came Andy in 38th for 400, Alex 57th for 150, Dan 76th for 80 and Chris 90th for 40.

Overall the team is now sitting in 16th place out of 20 with 2630 points. This gives us $5438 chips so far in the final with the leading team having $8210 but there is a long way to go yet.

On the football front Manchester City just didn’t put up a fight and if the league manages to continue until the last day of the season, we’ll be lucky.

At the start of the season my main goal for Liverpool was to take the season to the wire and still be in with a shout at the business end of the season and so progress has been made again and I am expecting a very strong challenge next year.

One thing that I did find surprising when watching the Manchester derby was that City had maybe 10 free kicks inside the United half out in wide areas and every time they took a quick free kick that ended up going back though the centre halves.

Now I can understand that if a short free kick is taken that leads to an attacking situation in the final third of the field then that is better than playing a ball into the box where Vidic will win a lot of the ball but surely it is better to send up the big boys and try to create a chance than playing the ball back to the centre halves which is only where the ball would end up if Vidic headed it anyway.

So I think they missed opportunities to give united a chance to make a mistake there.

At least Wigan put up a great fight tonight, although they did score too early again.

I stated my FA level 2 caching course last night. It is a 20 week course that I am really looking forward to. First day was in the classroom but can't wait to get coaching.


  1. Gl with the Coaching qualifications mate.

    I have your blog on my Blog roll and wondered if you could plz return the favour..



  2. wow, that was quick. Sure, I'll add you now.