Saturday, 25 July 2009

Permanent Job

Well, after about 10 interviews I've finally got a permanent job secured with Lancashire County Council.

Based in Bamber Bridge it means a 45 minute commute each day but it's all motorway and it can take that long getting to town by bus.

Salary is not too bad either, almost as much as I was on before and the role looks quite meaty.

Because of the interviews I've not been playing much so hope to get that back on track now that I have sorted the job.

Training starts for the new football season on Sunday and, after 3 months of playing 5 a side every week, now that training is starting I've pulled the muscle at the top on my left leg. It's the one that you use to lift your thigh up and so it wasn't easy driving home.

Going down to Southampton on Thursday to go on one of those gift experiences sailing a yacht. Then it's over to Bridgwater on Friday for my Mum's 60th party. Hope the weather is good.

Going to watch Brick up the Mersey Tunnel tomorrow night which is supposed to be very funny.

Anyway, bed for me now as I have to go bag packing for a couple of hours tomorrow with Andrew's football team to raise some money.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Call or fold against chip leader bullying the bubble?

Right, bubble of an 18 man $30 STT.

Prizes are
1st $270
2nd $162
3rd $108

Stack sizes and sharkscope stats (which I didn't have at the time) are:

Player - Chips - Played - Av Profit - Ave Stake - ROI - Profit - Ability /100
Me (BB) - 5860 - 608 - 4 - 36 - 16% - $2530 - 79
seat 2 (UTG) - 16470 - 57 - 3 - 10 - 59% - $189 - 71
seat 3 (button)- 860 - 451 - 0 - 13 - 1% - -$173 - 54
seat 4 (SB) - 3810 - 13 - -13 - 30 - -40% - -$171 - 58

Chip leader has been going all in every hand since we got to the bubble including reraising seat 4.

Blinds are 300/600 and I'm in the big blind with AcQc. Chip leader is all in for 16470.

Fold or call?

I actually folded in this spot

Next hand seat 3 is all in for 860 and the chip leader in the big blind folds for an extra 260 chips - he's obviously trying to prolong the bubble

Following hand chip leader is all in after it is folded to him

Blinds up to 400/800

Following hand chip leader is all in with K3o which is called by seat 3 for 560 on top of his small blind of 400 with KQ and he doubles up to 2720 leaving the situation as

Me (BB) 4960
seat 2 (UTG) 16610
seat 3 (button) 2720
seat 4 (SB) 2710

Chip leader goes in again UTG with his obvious any two looking to bully the bubble.

What do you need to call?

I called with Ks6h and got some criticism, was I wrong?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

New Job

Well, after weeks of applications (fortunately online via cv which doesn't take too much time), numerous phone calls and 7 interviews I managed to get a job today.

It's only temporary for 2 - 3 months covering for a long term sick person but there is the potential for it becoming permanent and, whilst it is not quite as much as I was looking for, it is very local and I can start Monday which means I have no gap in employment (although I was sort of looking forward to a week or two off given the current weather - I quite fancied the idea of playing poker in the garden)

Sounds like it might be interesting anyway.

Just received an email from Delta airlines today telling me about a change to our itinerary for when we go to Florida in August.

After 10 minutes of looking I couldn't work out what had changed so I dug out the original itinerary and checked all the dates of departure, take off times etc, nothing has changed! Until I checked the landing times and yes, there it is! Our flight from New York to Orlando will be landing 2 minutes earlier!

2 minutes... They must have recruited a faster pilot!

Would you be bothered to tell anyone?

It looks like my limit has been upped on bad beat too since I logged on today and there is a bit more in my account. So I played a quick couple of STT's and picked up a nice quick couple of hundred $$ which is not bad for the P&L despite what I said the other day lol.

Anyway, bed for me now.