Sunday, 3 May 2009

Humans 1 Mice 0

After a few sneaky lunches at my expense and 2 new state of the art traps, the old traditional trap finally caught our new friend. Hopefully that is the only one we have but I won't be putting the traps away just yet.

It's half time in the Liverpool match and at 2-0 I can't see Newcastle mustering a shot on target let alone scoring a goal. Unfortunately Middlesborough played yesterday as though they had no chance although, to be fair I did miss the first half when they supposedly played with a bit more heart. I have a bit of a soft spot for Newcastle but they do have a false illusion of themselves as being a big club and the way they change managers at the drop of a hat is their own fault. I know Sam Allardyce doesn't play the prettiest style of football, but if he were still in charge Newcastle would have been regular challengers for a European spot every year and once he had secured that sort of security the football will have come later.

It was good to see Arshavin telling the referee that it wasn't a penalty yesterday.

Just a shame the referee thought he knew better just like the Robbie Fowler incident all those years ago.

Why the referee is too scared to change his decision I don't know.

Got the kids a 10ft trampoline from Asda yesterday and they are bouncing away now enjoying the peak of our summer since it is unlikely to last for more than a week or so.

Going to Stoke tonight for a £1500 added tournament, hopefully I can do something there.

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