Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dream Team V

I finally managed to get 8 players for the dream team league and the first event was Monday night with a $1000 added freeroll and $5 rebuys.

It took quite a bit of messing about.

I actually had 13 people interested at one point or another but a couple never got back to me with their details, one dropped out because he thought the 'Bellagio' package was for Vegas instead of 'Dusk till Dawn' but fair enough, he told me and we had a couple of late entries including Daz, my mentor at Badbeat and Alex Conroy, son of Badbeat MD John 'Punkfloyd' Conroy.

With the other recruits that Andy Massey, a good local player I know, I think we should have a pretty strong team.

After way, way too much thinking about what team name I should use (including a lot thought about getting something to do with sport science into the team name since both Andy and I studied sport science in Liverpool) I finally decided to just call the team 'One Time' after the call most people shout out every time they are all in at an important stage of a tournament - Much to the chagrin of my wife, Julie who was adamant that her suggestion 'Riversports' was a much better name (sorry Julie but it isn't!)

I managed to get a nice early double up when my set was easily best against someone who had rebought first hand and obviously wanted to get some chips early.

Only 6 players from our team entered the first tournament and only 2 of us got into the points with me finishing 52nd for 150 team points and Tom finishing just outside the money in 23rd for 600 points.

One of the teams managed to have a fantastic start with 3 players on the final table including a 1 - 2 giving them a huge lead at this early stage. I'm not sure whether there are any rules about team play in this event, something that is not normally allowed but might be in this format.

Other than that I have not played much in the last week what with one thing and another.

Managed a couple of hours last night but it was one of those nights when runner runner was definitely the way to play your hands, especially on the bubble. A loss of $170 is not bad considering a couple of those hands going my way would have seen me make a huge profit on the night.

There is a festival on in Leos this week but the poker bankroll is not healthy enough at the moment to stand me playing in any of the events.

I will have to start playing some satellites a bit more.

Trouble is they are normally on at about 8 in the evening and I don't normally start till after 11.

Pity really because my record in satellites is very good and I've got a pretty good record in the bigger tournaments too.

Since I'm going to be playing earlier on a Monday that would be ideal to play in some of these satellites but because Grandslam Poker is on ipoker, I can't play Blue square at the same time so I will have to look at some of the other sites.

Might look into something like betfair to see if there are any WSOPE satellites running on a Monday.

Anyway, I've just made that one of my goals from now on, on a Monday night.

On the mouse front, the traps are still in place but there has been no sign of any of mickey's siblings so fingers crossed and that is the end of our visitors.

On a totally different tack, I've just sold a few things on E-bay and have to say that the whole E-bay operation is incredibly slick with one click invoicing and even one click postage being sorted by links to Royal Mail, Parcel2go and Paypal websites, meaning you don't even have to type in the address of the buyer, with it all being downloaded automatically.

Absolutely excellent and very well done to all partners.

Glad to see the best team managed to get through tonight, even though they didn't play as well as last week. Managed to put a few pounds on Barca to win the Champions League before the match tonight since I was sure Barca had the advantage. People often underestimate the value of a 0-0 draw at home in the first leg of these 2 legged ties because it gives the team playing away in the second leg the advantage that almost any draw puts them through.

Barca left it late though.

As for the display by Drogba throughout the tie falling over like he's been shot countless times only to be back running the second the ball comes near him. This guy is either the biggest actor going or he has an incredibly low pain threshold - and I'm talking about the level of 5 year old girl!

As for his antics after the final whistle. These matches are watched by millions of kids who copy the antics of their heros and what he and Ballack did to the referee should be taken up by Uefa and result in a severe ban, more than the normal 3 matches that are given for this sort of thing.

As for the conspiracy theories, how can that possibly be the case when Abidal was rightly sent off for a marginal decision?

What Uefa also need to do is look at situations like Darren Fletcher's who will miss the final because the referee made a mistake and that mistake could easily be rectified.

Not that I'm complaining as I don't want United to win but it's not right on the lad.


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