Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Spiders, flush cards, goals, goals, goals

Picture the scene…

It's 2.30 am

You're sat a home in front of your computer with everyone upstairs tucked up in bed.

All is quiet but you're down to the last three in a 100+ runner tournament.

You are dominating the table, your hands are holding up and everything is going great.

You own the table.

It's just a matter of time before you finish them all off and collect the 1st prize.

You've got superfast reliable internet connection.

What can go wrong?

Well that's exactly where Phil (an ex colleague of mine who I have been advising out on the poker front) was last night.

That is until a spider decided to crawl across his keyboard!

Now he's stood up on his chair, yellow pages in hand, unable to do anything as the clock is ticking down.

Harrington, Sklansky, Hellmuth et al. never mentioned anything about how to deal with this situation!

I'm happy to report that Phil managed to scare the 25mm beast away and ended up coming second.

It just goes to show that the hazards of the modern day poker player should never be underestimated!

Liverpool 4 Arsenal 4

As for the game tonight, there can't be many arguments that Liverpool are not providing some entertaining games of late.

Scoring 4 goals every time they play helps.

Tonight was just fantastic viewing for me and, no doubt for the neutral.

I just hope this season goes down to the wire as it could be really exciting!

GUKPT side event

Played the £200 freezeout last night.

After seeing someone exit first hand with set over set I nearly went the same way myself.

I received JJ in mid position early on with the blinds at 25/50.

Earlyish local player raises to 400 and I call, as do two others.

Flop comes As Js 4s and raiser cont bets 500 which I flat call, other fold.

Turn is a nasty 6s and he bets 600 I call hoping for the board to fill up.

River is T diamonds and he bets 1000 into about 3000ish.

Don't think he has Ks but think there is a fair chance he has either 2 pair type hand or a smallish spade so call to see ThTs but I've still got 3600 out of a starting stack of 6000.

Not many other hands played and final hand is seen from the bug blinds with 9c3c and the flop is T high, all clubs. I check raise all in against a pot sized bet and he calls with KdKc. The turn brings the fourth club sealing the higher flush for him and an early exit from me.

I played this on the back of a good result at Leos a week or so ago where I finished third for £500. Hoping to continue the run but it was not to be.

I have now received confirmation that I have been confirmed as a trader with bad beat which means my daily limit will be increased to $750 per day and I will now get rakeback. I'm also entering the Dream Team V on Grandslam as per my last post. So far I have 5 players interested, so only 1 more minimum, 3 more maximum for a team.

Anyone interested, let me know.

That's it for now...


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