Saturday, 4 April 2009

Days 5

Thursday (day 5) saw a bit more volume with a total of 22 tournaments played.

Unfortunately I registered for 4 MTTs at lunch time only to realise that I was supposed to be picking up my son, Andrew, from school at 3pm so had to play them fast and loose to either bust out or get chips to justify getting Julie to change her plans and pick him up.

Suffice it to say that no plans had to be changed and I didn't trouble the scorers!

Later on I played another 4 MTTs making it a total buy in for the day of $102.3 without success.

I played 4 double ups for a buy in of $220 and a profit of $80 and I played 10 STT's for a buy in of $297 and a loss of $63.

That made a total loss of 139.3 for the day.

I also had a mentor session where I was playing really well and it looks like I am going to be confirmed as a Badbeat trader with my daily limit being increased, to what I don't yet know.

I had 2 reasons for joining badbeat, one was to enable me to play bigger online tournaments without the restrictions my bankroll was placing on me due to the amount I have withdrawn to pay for our extension, and the other was to improve my game in through the aid of a mentor.

I believe that even the best players in the world can continue to learn at poker and to do that you need to be able to discuss hands and situations with good players. This is something I've not yet really been able to do with badbeat but once my trader status is confirmed I hope that is something I'll have more opportunity to do.

Today, Friday, I haven't played in the day because I went to Aintree for the Ladies Day at the Grand National Meeting with Julie and had a great time. We only backed one winner and a couple of places saw us only £12 down in betting so not such a bad day. Just a shame the sun didn't come out!

I'll update tonights games tomorrow because ipoker's tournament histories don't give you the results of tournaments still ongoing and I played 4 MTT's tonight that haven't finished yet.

I also received details of the blackbelt poker grading scheme today but it requires a hell of a lot of playing time so I won't be able to get involved.

That's it for now, Murray had nearly win his semi final then it is bed.

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