Monday, 6 April 2009

End of the week

Day 6 first,

On Friday I won a total of $120 in the following games:

4 MTT's for a total buy in of 46.2 and a profit of 24.8
4 STT's for a buy in of 55 and a profit of 95

Saturday I didn't play because I took Julie and Emma to the Empire to see the witches of Eastwick which was not bad. Julie was a big wet wet wet fan when she was younger and so was made up to see Marti Pellow in the lead role and, to be honest he has a good voice and the show had it's moments of humour too.

A great result by Liverpool eventually after hitting the post/crossbar so many times it was looking like another one of those days. I can still see Man Utd dropping enough points for us to win the league but I can't see us winning 100% until the end of the season.

Today started off with a hard earned point for Lewis Hamilton in the Grand Prix with a poor car and a second win for Button in a better car. How long it will take for the big boys to catch up I don't know but it's nice to see Button's loyalty paying dividends.

Thought the day was going to get better when Man Utd started off looking like they didn't know each other in defence. They then got a lucky break and capitalised with ruthless efficiency but Villa did really well to deservedly take the lead in the game through the devastating pace they have up front.

Last 20 minutes though and United were piling the pressure on and it was no surprise when they got their equaliser. Even less of a surprise was the 5 added minutes at the end of the second half when there was hardly an injury in sight. It was a great game to watch and a really good goal at the end.

No online play again tonight as I was out playing in the Circus in Liverpool.

Somehow I managed to lose 75000 chips with 16 left when my decent hands in position were getting called by the chip leader 3 to my left and I just couldn't hit a barn door. I probably did miss one opportunity to continuation bet that might have taken the pot down but judging by the way things went, no doubt he had hit anyway and would have called so I went out in 13th when in the big blind of 6000 with 10000 behind and I felt priced in to call with Q9.

So to round up my week I played a total of 75 tournaments as follows:

Double Up Played 16, buy in $836 profit $124, ROI 15%
STT played 39, buy in $975, profit $390, ROI 40%
MTT played 20, buy in $337, loss $319, ROI -95%
Total profit for the week $195

In all I'm happy with my STT performance and I went pretty deep in a few of the MTT's that would have have made a huge difference.

So it's back to work tomorrow whilst also looking out for a permanent job.

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  1. I thought the Villa were going to do you a favour the weekend but it wasnt meant to be.. good luck on the job front