Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Dream Team V

I am looking to enter a team into Dream Team V which is being hostedby Grandsam Poker (Mostly $44 buy in).

It has a guaranteed prize pool of $40,000 and runs every Monday from May 4th leading up to the live Grand Final on October 24th and 25th at the Star City Casino in Birmingham.

If anyone is interested please comment or e-mail me.

The event is being run in conjunction with BadBeat Poker, full details are below.

In Dream Team V you and your team will be playing for a $27,000 "Bellagio" Package which will include 6 entries to The "Bellagio" £500k Guaranteed £2,000 NL Hold'em Tournament and approximately $5,000 in expenses/cash (depending on the exchange rate).

The individual winner of the Dream Team Live Final will also receive a $4,500 "Bellagio" Package unless the winner is in the winning team, in which case the $4,500 will be added to first place prize money.

The top 10 individual players from the 22 weekly online tournaments will play a Sit 'n' Go for a $4,500 "Bellagio" Package.

Players to reach the final table in each weekly tournament will be awarded with 1 point per position - 10 points for first, 9 points for second and so on...

The top 10 players to receive the most final table points throughout the 22 on-line weekly tournaments, and who attend the Live Final, will play in the Turbo Sit 'n' Go which will take place at Midnight during the Dream Team Private Party in the Vegas Lounge on Saturday 24th October (on completion of Day 1).

Should the remainder of the Prize Pool reach $25,000 then the team package will increase to 7 packages, should it reach $30,000 then it will increase to 8 packages, all remaining cash from the 22 weekly tournaments (estimated $25,000) will be awarded to the final table (or more depending on the number of entries) at the Live Final.

$40,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

BadBeat's generous Guarantee includes 8 Bellagio Packages (6 for the team) and at least $4,000 cash for the Live Final!

The "Bellagio" Festival This is a £2,000 + £150 No Limit Hold'em Tournament that takes place at Nottingham's Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club from the 16th to 20th December 2009 and has a mammoth structure with 50,000 starting chips and a 90 minute clock!

What is Dream Team?

Teams of 8 players (minimum of 6) will play 22 online multi table tournaments on GrandslamPoker.com where 50% of the prize pool will be held back for a live final and the other 50% will be paid out on the nightly tournament, players will be awarded points based on their finishing position and the total accumulated points at the end of the 22 weeks will determine the team's starting chip stack for the live final

- each player will start with a minimum of $5,000 chips at the live final, then the points collected by the team will be divided by 6 and added to this starting chip stack, meaning each team will start with different amounts.

Only 6 players from each team will be able to take part in the Live Final.

Further information can be found here


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  1. Some great incentives to play mate with all them packages up for grabs just wish I was available on Mondays - but alas....;-(
    good luck with your team though mate.