Friday, 12 September 2008

Sick, sick, sick... and fevers

I didn't play Leo's last night as there was only 20 odd runners last week after all so decided to venture east to Manchester G to play the £30 second chance event.

I started off pretty quiet for an hour with JJ in the bb as my only decent hand and there had been 6 limpers so decided to raise large so that I dont get 6 callers.

Anyway, the blinds were 25/50 with 5000 starting chips so I raised to 500 hoping for only 1 caller or to just take the limps out of position and I slightly misunderestimated the players as all 6 people called!

Anyway, with a KQ flop that ended my interest in that hand.

Just before the end of the send level a new player arrived from the higher stakes cash table he had been playing whilst waiting for a seat and I got QQ in seat 7.

The blinds were 50/100 now and I raised to 500 as there had already been 2 limps. The new player called on the button as did the 2 limpers and the flop came down A 9 3 rainbow. The first 2 players checked as did I and the button fires out 1400 into the 2000 pot with 2600 behind.

The first 2 limpers folded so it was left to me and, knowing that the other guy could play I was pretty sure this guy could easily be betting to take this orphan pot down using his position.

So I looked him over and asked him how much he had left and when he told me he put his chips towards the line as if to say I'mm calling if you raise which I've often found to be untrue when people do that.

Coupled with the fact that when he answered me there was a very distinct swallow and his voice was very muted I felt 85% sure he didn't have the ace and said "go on then" whilst puitting my 5000 chip into the pot meaning to put him all in.

I realised straight away that this could only be a call and so took my chips out without asking and just placed the 1400 in.

Then when the turn blanked I threw in the 5000 chip and sure enough he folded.

It is not often that I get a tell like that and act on it and I have felt I was ahead a few times but bottled the call in situations like that only to be shown the bluff so I've decided to follow my read from now on and I'm really pleased it worked out last night.

I showed him the QQ after he mucked and said "I was ahead wasn't I" to which he replied "I put you on something like that!"

Anyway, the rest of the night didn't go too well as my wife phoned with 40 players left cos she had been throwing up all night and was really bad so I ended up having to go home leading me to throw in a bluff reraise with 94o that was called by Billy Ngo with QT who told me that he was behind but wanted to gamble. I told him he might not be and promptly saw a 4 and 9 hit the flop and turn but a 7d river gave him the flush which didn't really bother me as I would have had to keep doing that till I went out or won the tournament in record time and record numbers of outdraws!


  1. I have just stumbled on your blog mike and i think you must be one of the best mike, one day i hope i can be as good a player as you.

    any tips for me mate, i cant seem to win at poker and you travel east all the time to play you must be one of the UKs finest.

    I mainly play 100 dollar comps is this too small for you to comment on or will you help me out?

    I looked at some books in a shop but it would be really cool if you can give me some one on one advice, for example when i go all in i always lose what should i do?

  2. Mike, i have a a suggestion to help you with your bank roll.

    Stick to playing in liverpool because you are spending more in petrol than you are in the actual buy in for the tournaments you are entering.

  3. Yes, but if he wins the £1k first prize he can up-grade his car and with the change splash out on some tiger stripe car seat covers.

    That will make him a hit with the chicks!!!!

  4. I see your point,but i have to disagree because Mike is already a hit with the ladys.

  5. i meen ladies, sorry i am dislexic

  6. Mike, are you a proffensional player, if so have ever been on tv, and are you friends with any big players, i am a big fan of doyle brunson, do you know him?

    i look out for you on poker after dark but not seen you yet, your prob too busy..

  7. mike, im your number 1 fan, i was gonna go east to manchester cos i knew you were playing there but i missed the bus and then i just couldnt be arsed,


  9. Mike, instead of traveling east for a game why dont you travel west.
    There is a £10 rebuy comp in southport on a tuesday and all your fans would love to see you and await with baited breath....


  11. When is the book coming out Mike?,
    ive read super system but i am looking for something a little more advanced.

  12. mike mike i believe the hype,
    I would marry you but your not my type,
    you traveled east for a poker game,
    did no good and whos to blame,
    the cards fell bad and you went out,
    so once again you left with nout,
    we read your blog everyday,
    but we think you just cant play.

  13. Lol 12 comments, all anonymous.

    I might have to get Amatay the detective onto the case!

    BTW Southport is North!

  14. we love u realy mike.

  15. we have a game on a thursday night,
    you can come, we all play shite,
    we start the game at 7 bells sharp,
    by ten past seven your in your car,
    cos even tho our moves are silly,
    we still make you look like jenifer tilly.

  16. players come and players go,
    some are better than others,
    some are good and some are crap
    and some play like there mothers.

    some run cold and some run hot,
    and some just can not miss,
    but when it comes to writing on a poker blog,
    we really take the piss.

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  20. Mikey Mikey can i be your mate
    You are the man you are great

    The tournament is drawing near
    The other players are filled with fear

    I love your face i love your bod
    I look at you like your a god

    I read your blog and i have to tell
    That your a first class catagery a BELL !!

    (just a bit of fun mike, dont take it to heart mate)

  21. Mike,
    give us a couple of weeks and we will make your poker blog the best !!

  22. your shite at poker, this we know,
    i bet you wish your hair would grow,
    big games at leos you did not go,
    should of took your seat with the poker players,
    instead of eating most of sayers.

  23. Nick, Phil, Jim or whoever,
    give it a rest, it's not that clever.

    If you want to post then use your name,
    We already know you've got no game!

    I've left your posts cos I find them funny
    you know I'll play you anytime for any money.

    Judging by the time of your post,
    you went to Leos and now your chips are all toast.

    So give it a rest and stop your ramblings each morn,

    go back to your usual habit of searching for porn!

  24. Helooo Dad Clevaa Settin Yee Blog As ma Homepagee Yee Thut A Wudd Tlk Slangg Jus Too Annoy Yee x Blogg Is Amazin Babessss ;] Lovee Yaaaaaa Dadd :]

  25. I know you think that you are right,
    believe me mike, you are shite,
    you got no balls and you got no hair,
    big game at leos and your not there,
    you say that you will play us cash,
    thats all talk and total trash,
    cos when we are through we'll leave your soar,
    dont ever mess with the big ten four...

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  27. you have stopped our fun so no more poems,
    we have packed up our stuff and we are goin,
    your blog will now get zero views,
    we 're gonna go and spread the news,

    the news is that your crap at poker,
    you know me as the phantom joker,
    ill be back at a later date,
    hope you dont miss me too much mate.

  28. The poetry here leaves a lot to be desired
    but whoever wrote it is really inspired
    The irony isn't lost on me
    makes me laugh until I pee
    talkin of taking the piss
    mike how do u put up with this?
    Jimmy, Andy, Nick and whoever
    I grant you, you are very clever
    You hide it well in everyday life
    But on this blog you come alive
    Mike can't help being bald
    better than some names he's been called
    He may well be shite at poker
    But you are all winners at playing the joker
    ive had to start my own blog now
    so you can come on and call me a cow

    caroline xx

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