Thursday, 4 September 2008

Jealous, jealous, jealous

The GUKPT rolls into Bolton this week and I'm unhappy that I won't be playing the main event.

I've been lucky enough to satellite into almost every big event in the North West in the last couple of years but unfortunately through one thing and another (holidays and bankroll limitations)

I've not played any for Bolton and so won't be there. I am playing on Friday in one of the side events but I'm still really jealous of everyone who will be there.

So instead I had to make do with playing the £10 rebuy in the Liverpool Circus on Monday.

There was only 44 runners and I did manage to cash but again it was only for one of the bottom places.

I really must get myself a decent finish soon.

There was one very interesting hand that came up and I couldn't decide how best to describe it.

We were down to the last 6 with the prize structure something like this:

6th £115
5th £135
4th £190
3rd £290
2nd £420
1st £750

The blinds were 2000 - 4000 and I had average chips of 25000.

I guy in early position limped which he wouldn't do with a big Ace so it was either a premium pair or something he would fold to a raise and I had AJ. As I was considering whether to raise or fold the short stack to my right started to put all his chips (7000) in. I stopped him before they crossed the line and someone said that I would have to fold my junk now to which I replied, "I think I might have to limp!" which I did.

Anyway, the short stack did put his chips in and the blinds and limper folded (much to the limper's annoyance and I called the extra 3000 to see the short stack's AA.

I would be interested to hear what everyone thinks about the play.

I've got what I think are some good reasons for my actions but would be intersted to hear what others think.

Anyway, I'll update after Friday with my reasons.

Good luck to the North West lads playing tomorrow and Friday (Andy, Jimmy, Charlie etc.)


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  2. Come and see me for a drink Michael and ul not to be playing mate. Hopefully be there on Friday.

  3. i think you did the right thing there mate. With the blinds that big compared to his stack he could have been doing that with a wide range of hands that you are ahead of. Even any Ax which you would be dominating and your a coin flip against any pair TT> which is fine at that stage aint it.
    Was the guy attempting to play out of position on purpose hoping you would think him strong and fold any junky hands..
    definately a call i think.

  4. No I don't think so, he was just over eager.

    Anyway, my reasoning was that my flat calling looks really strong, enough to make better hands fold.

    If short stack has aces or kings and still raised then the blinds and limper can't call as they would expect a fair chance that I would reraise so if I'm up against a really big hand I'm still getting 17/7 for my money and if he doesn't I get to see the flop in position with everyone worried I have a really big hand that I can easily represent post flop and a very good chance of increasing my stack by 1/3.

    Anyway the raiser did have Aces and went all in, blind and limper folded and I lost.

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