Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Double Up

Since I went on the cruise and used a large chunk of my bankroll on the tournaments on board without cashing I've been suffering with some bankroll problems.

This, combined with not having a single live cash higher than 7th all year has lead to me not really having the bankroll to play the games I want to and not having the motivation to play at the lower limits that my bankroll requires.

This has certainly reduced my enthusiasm for poker in recent months and has probably affected the way I have been playing.

I've tried playing a couple of sessions at $.25/$.50 and $.50/$1 but just yoyo'd up or down a couple of buy ins and I also had the PKR experiment which started off horribly and didn't go anywhere.

However, I may have just found a game that my bankroll can stand and I have the motivation to play.

These are the double up tournaments on iPoker - Single table tournaments where half the field cashes for double their stake.

So far I've played 34 $50 double up tournaments in the last week or two and I'm currently running at 26% ROI. Because of the nature of them I'm playing them really tight and am able to play 4 at a time.

If I can win 13/20 for a 18% ROI I can start to build the bankroll up to a comfortable situation again.

Playing 4 at a time I reckon I can play 6-7 per hour which would work out at an hourly rate of $60-$70 plus bonuses/rakeback and it won't take too long.

So that's my focus and at the moment and I've really got the enthusiasm back.


  1. good luck with the sit n goes buddy, I also play the $50 along with the $20 double ups so may see you on there.
    Steve H

  2. Thanks Steve, I'll look out for you.

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