Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The misery continues...

Yet another near miss online last night.

Playing the $35k guaranteed on ipoker $10 rebuy, $7500 first prize, 1100+ runners.

I got into the money (150 paid) running for quite a while at 8-10bb when I was fortunate enough to get QQ after 2 all ins for about 6 - 7 bbs. The queens hold and I was up to 100,000 chips.

A couple more good hands and I was chip leader with 25 to go.

At this point I checked my stats and to show how few hands I was getting I was seeing 11% of hands and this included a few late position steals!

Anyway, by this time the blinds were 15000/30000 and the average chip stack was 7-8 big blinds and it was folded to the small blind who went all in for 190k. Bearing in mind he had limped a couple of times in the same spot with big hands I was pretty sure he wasn't strong and so I called with A4o feeling that the money was all at the top end and I would end up having to open my range a hell of a lot more pretty soon.

Turns out he had KQ and a queen on the flop was good enough.

This left me with 100,000 chips and when it was folded to me in the small blind I had Kd7d and so felt that the bib blind would call with a lot of hands worse than that. True enough he did, with K6o and a flop of 569 gave me a lot of problems but a gutshot, the 6 turn left the 4 8s as the only chance and I missed the river, going out in 13th for $260.

Pretty disappointing again and it continues the trend of cashing in the lower end of the scale.
I just need to convert one or two of these cashes into big wins and I'll be back on track but it really frustrates you this game of poker!!!!

Going to play in the Circus Liverpool tonight since their Wednesday night freezeout is apparently very popular.

I don't like the venue very much because of their stupid rule that even if you put in an obvious raise with multiple chips or even your whole stack, if you don't say raise it counts only as a call.

Why cardrooms have to change the simplest of rules that are commonly played everywhere I don't know. They should, at the very least, advertise the fact but I won't get on my soap box over this.

Hopefully this new initiative to try to get standardised rules and approved cardrooms will make the difference. Especially when some dealers enforce the rule and others don't.

It took me 45 minutes of making those raises without objection last time to find out about their stupid rule!

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