Tuesday, 23 September 2008

To rebuy or not to rebuy...

I was in a bit of a dilemma the other week in a £30 single rebuy tournament, with 5000 starting chips. The blinds were due to go to 100/200 at the end of the rebuy period and I had a stack of 18000.

The question I was asking myself was should I rebuy, take an extra 5000 chips and half any potential return on investment or stay as I was.

I once read a forum post where some cretin said that not rebuying was always negative expected value but I wonder if there is a formula that people use when trying to decide.

I ended up leaving it as only 1 person at my table had more chips than me so my decision was made a bit easier but yhought I would ask the question here and see what people's views are.

Played a couple of freerolls in the last week for GUKPT seats. Came nowhere last night but did get down to the last 18 out of 600+ last week when I encountered a few fellow bloggers at my table including the Jester who I had a good converasation with.

As for the comment poet, I've narrowed my list down and have a fairly good idea who it is.....

I don't mind the funny posts but I'm blocking any that are abusive, whether they are jokey or not.

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