Saturday, 20 June 2009

Jackpot Consolation

Well I played the jackpot game for my shot at the $300 consolation prize and the tournament went pretty well with me managing to avoid anyone racing against me. When I was faced with a couple of big reraises post flop I had either an over pair or better and luckily he didn't have any big draws.

So I finished up winning it and now I am due $300 from the guys at Mansion.

I played 5 a side tonight but we only had 8 so with 4 a side the gym is huge and it's hard work. Enjoyed it though.

Andrew has another presentation day tomorrow this time for the whole Mags club which consists of 20 teams.

I've had about 6 interviews over the ast month or so but still not got meyself sorted. I think I've got a couple more weeks until I am finished with Enterprise. I've got one more interview lined up on Tuesday for the job that I want most. Working for the HSE pretty close to home. A few more in the pipeline too but hopefully I can get to second interview on Tuesday.

Anyway, bed for me now.

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