Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Jackpot hunting

Still really busy with applications and I've still got a presentation to prepare for my next interview but I hope to finish the dream team update soon! - promises, promises....

I have managed to play a couple of STT's and I've been playing a few Jackpot STT's where anyone who wins 6 in a row wins $45000 in the $20 version (it's $110,000 in the $50 version!)

They also have a consolation bonus of $300 if you come 1st or 2nd in 6 in a row (only 6 players in each)

Well I'm on the bubble, having finished top 2 for 5 in a row so I'm going to pick my moment to play the last one and make sure there are no interruptions. I might even sharkscope a couple of players before I enter the tournament to try to be a bit selective.

Job front I have 2 interviews lined up. So far I've had 6 and all of the feedback has been really good but that's no good if I still haven't got a job by the time my temporary work finishes in a few weeks time.

I'm pretty hopeful for the one on Wednesday as the IT director is someone who used to work with and has given me a very good reference so much that they have slotted me into the process as they were already well down the second interview stage before I was mentioned.

I'm still not doing anything live, after Friday when I was knocked out by AJ v TT all in pre flop when a 2 on the river gave him a straight but that's the way it goes.

It's good to see a few Brits winning some bracelets over the water (Vegas not Birkenhead!)

Let's hope it continues.

I spent a good half hour yesterday reading up all the results from the WSOP on Blonde only to realise when I got to the Main event that I was reading 2007 results!

Anyway, off to bed, got coaching course tomorrow.


  1. What site are you playing the Jackpot STT-s on?

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  3. They are on the ipoker skin so Blue SQ, Mansion, Paddy Power, Big Slick etc. If you need a good rakeback deal let me know as I can get you one of the best deals out there.