Friday, 12 June 2009

9 going on 14...

I'm going to leave another day before I post my view on the question yesterday. Suffice to say it is quite interesting to see what the break even bet is. I've also added a news feed on the right showing the top stories which is quite a good little addition.

Watched England really struggle against a good South African Team tonight. Good watching though.

Andrew got his new Liverpool kit today so obviously he was wearing it as soon as he got home from school. 9 years old and he's wearing a shirt meant for a 14 year old and size 7 shoes! Don't know when he's going to stop growing.

He scored a goal from the half way line in our first 9 - a - side game last night. We lost 3-1 against a good team. We had 15 of our 22 strong team that will be 2 teams next year.

Quite a few things that we can work on coaching wise that the level 2 coaching course will be really helpful with.

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