Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Not such a great start

Well, after a fantastic first day (5 out of 5 in the double up tournaments on ipoker) things went downhill.

Down to -$456 as of yesterday and the double ups just don't seem to be going my way at the moment ($500 daily limit).

So much so that I've started adding in a few normal STT's and been getting more success on them.

In total I've played 149 double ups between $20 and $50, winning 75 which isn't good enough to beat the rake whereas I've played 14 STT's winning 2 and cashing 4 more for a profit of £96 against a buy in of £287.

I'll have to see where it goes as I had most of my success recently at the double ups but who knows where it's going.

As for the live tournament yesterday suffice it to say that I didn't raise once in the first 2 hours as I got nothing whatsoever and to sum the way live poker is going for me.

The first pot I raise involved a limp of 400 from a woman who had folded to a couple of raises after limping earlier (sh had 2800 behind), an all in of 600 from guy who had just "gambled" with KQ after an UTG raise played, so I went all in for 3800 when I saw AJ on the button.

Lady player thought for a while before calling with Ac9c and all in guy has J2o leaving me dominating both players.

Flop came 2c8b4h turn blank, river 9 and I finished the hand 3rd!

Enough said...

Anyway, at least I'm up $148 on the night to start clawing back into the black.

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  1. Hey, i hope you recover fast from your injury... Stay Healthy!!!!