Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Days 1 and 2

So my poker week started on Sunday with a trip to the Circus in Liverpool with a mate from my old work, Phil.

I introduced Phil to poker and he has been playing a little bit online and learning from a few books and magazines I have Lent him.

Yesterday was his first live game and luckily we were sat on the same table so I was able to talk him though a few things.

However, things were soon to get a bit messy.

Blinds were 50/100 and I raised in middle position to 300 with 77 which was called by the seat next to me.

Phil then reraised to 500 (although this was increased to 600 because this casino thinks that the raise has to be doubled as opposed to the normal rules)

Anyway I called and so did the other player.

The flop came a lovely A 7 5 with 2 spades and I checked, next player goes all in for 3300 with a 8s2s and Phil had to call with his AK as of course did I. Turn and river bricked to give me a big treble up.

Phil's exit hand was interesting as he called a raise with 2 others holding AT and when the flop came QT4 the raiser immediately asked Phil how many chips he had left. Phil then called the bet from the raiser with the other 2 folding.

On the turn raiser bets and when Phil went all in (with a very tight image) the guy who has been easily folding top pair top kicker and better to action like this calls after announcing that Phil had something like AT - his exact holding.

Based on the way he played other hands to raises on the turn I'm convinced he must have seen Phil's hand, especially because of the way he immediately asked Phil how many chips he had on the flop despite there being 2 others involved in the hand as well.

Anyway, I went pretty deep in the tournament but ended up losing with AK v AQ and KQ all in pre flop and then after I doubled back up to average I picked up aces after a short stack had gone all in blind UTG for 5500 (1500/3000 blinds) and another player had raised to pick up the chips with QT. He was committed to calling when I went all in and runner runner straight sent me out to chants of Hell Yair from the muppet who stands up and shouts his catch phrase whenever he outdraws people yet berated some student one week when the poor lads best hand held up and he dared to utter a muted yes.

Anyway I came home and played 7 sit and goes for a buy in of $243.5 and profit of $124.5 so not a bad start.

Today went pretty similarly to the live game last night. I went very deep in 2 MTT's with prize pools of $5k and $8k but every time I had someone dominated the ended up hitting their 3 outer.

I ended up recovering by taking down a $50 STT for $250 to give me results of

21 tournaments played split as follows:

Played Buy In Profit

Double Up 5 275 25
Freezeout 2 33 -33
Jackpot SNG 1 23.5 12.5
Rebuy 3 71.8 -71.8
STT 10 275 155
Total 21 678.3 87.7

So I can't complain given the way it ran tonight!

Anyway, can't keep my eyes open so bed for me.

I'll update tomorrow.

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