Monday, 23 March 2009

Laydowns, reraises and profit at last

Since I last posted I played Circus last Wednesday and had one very interesting hand against a good older player (Frank Kenny) who has an image of playing tight as a rock but can bluff off the back of that image, especially against the right sort of player.

The blinds were 50/100 and he had limped in early position which was called by one other player, me on the button and the 2 blinds making the flop 5 handed. Effective stacks were 5500

The flop came down Qc9d7c and he lead out for 400 into the 500 pot which i called with TJ as did the small blind.

The turn was Kd giving me the nut straight and putting a second flush draw out there.

Frank lead out again for 1600 this time giving me a decision.

Normally I would raise in this spot but we have had some interesting chess type encounters recently and I wanted to play the hand slightly differently. Also the small blind was considering calling.

I am pretty confident that Frank has no kind of flush draw and his most likely holding is a set of some kind (he has been known to limp with big pairs in early position and would certainly lead out on the flop with his set)

So I decided to flat call for a little bit of disguise and in the hope that the other player calls too.

The small blind eventually folded and I'm hoping that the board doesn't pair, so naturally the river is a non flushing King and Frank puts me all in.

I have a think about it and Frank is talking to me a bit trying to get me to call I think and I fold my ten jack face up.

Others at the table can't believe I folded but Frank told me later that he did have a set of sevens on the flop although he has been known to lie.

He also told me that he bet 1600 on the turn to commit himself to the pot if it was raised and so the call also saved me 3500 chips.

I ended up going out 17th but can't remember how.

I also played live in Leos on Friday and got to the final table with 25000 chips when the blinds were 2000/4000. Managed a double up with AK giving me 35000.

However, I went out in 8th after under raising to 11000 when the blinds had just gone up to 3000/6000 so my raise was completed to 12000 - with 23000 behind.

A good lag player who had earlier told me that he hates doubling me up reraised all in holding a big chip lead.

I eventually called being pretty much committed to the pot and he turned over Jd6d. The flop came A high with 2 diamonds and the river was 7d and that was that.

Turning to online poker.

After my good start, I've been sitting on a few hundred dollars loss on Badbeat for a couple of weeks and was starting to get a bit worried that they might call it a day.

During that period I've not played a huge load of MTT's but when I have I've cashed quite regularly but only for some minor places.

With yesterday being Mother's day Julie (my wife) and Emma (daughter) went out so Andrew and I had the day to ourselves which is not bad when Liverpool were due on at 4. So we had a couple of games of Fifa and watched football icon 2 that we had recorded and whilst the match was on I fired up a couple of MTT's on the laptop to play whilst we were watching the matches.

Went out early in 2 and not far off the money in a third but got a nice early double up in the $3.5k guaranteed $10 rebuy. As the Liverpool were notching up the goals I was in the money before I realised and made the final table as one of the chip leaders.

I picked up a big pot in the big blind when I flopped an 8 high flush when the big blind had limped with AA and made a big all in overbet with his set of aces and he didn't get any help.

We were soon 3 handed and with 900,000 chips in play and blinds at 5,000/10,000/1000 I was min raising most pots and finding little resistance unless they had good hands.

Once we got heads up the other guy was either folding or going all in for 300k or 400k at the 10000/20000/2000 level and I just knew that I would eventually catch him and I'd be able to take the blinds liberally in the mean time. The first time I had him he had limped when I had 93 in the big blind and when the flop came 9 high with 2 clubs. His all in bet was obviously behind but the club on the river gave him 750k to my 150k but aces on the next hand against his A7 doubled me up and more blind stealing got me level again.

I passed up one opportunity to call when almost certainly ahead when I had A7 to his all in shove but decided to wait for a better opportunity as he was still passing me his blinds 7 out of 10 times.

Eventually I decided that a pair of 8s was good enough when I had 130k extra in case he out drew me and his Q6 got no help to give me a well overdue win.

So I'm finally sitting on something like $800 profit at the moment so hopefully I can take it on from there.

I also bought into the APAT European Championships of Amateur Poker to be held at Dusk till Dawn on August 28th - 30th. I'm playing day 2 - so will hopefully see a few people there.

On the work front, I've been accepted for the redundancy and my finish date is this Friday but I will be staying on for a couple of months in a temporary role to finish the final accounts and P&L. There is also a job going at head office that I have applied for. I've lost count of the number of recruitment agencies I've registered with but they all seem to think my CV is strong so so things could work out well if i can secure a permanent job in the next month or two.

Anyway, that's it for now.

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