Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Near misses and shambolic service from Virgin

Still sitting on a negative P&L on badbeat at the moment.

Could have been vary different though a couple of times.

My mentor suggested playing more normal single table tournaments (STT) and some Multi table tournaments (MTT)

So I've had a go and whilst the P&L has remained pretty level, I missed out on the money 3 times in some of the big field tournaments where a cash would have put me well into profit with the first prizes that I have just missed out on being between 3 and 5k.

So pretty happy with how I am playing and just waiting now for a decent cash to hopefully get me into the black before too long.

Unfortunately I couldn't play last night because of a combination of muppet virgin engineers.

The first problem I had was when I tried to install my new virgin media modem and wireless router.

I followed the instructions and couldn't get the Internet working so I called Virgin's helpline which sounds like it is based in India.

I started off explaining that I had a new modem and router.

The girl took me through a whole process trying to sort out the wireless router and couldn't work out the problem so I reminded her that I had a new modem and router and she then exclaimed that the modem needed to be linked to my account.

I had a feeling that it might be possible that this would need to happen when I first called which is why I was very specific in explaining that I had installed the new router and modem but as usual the girl at the other end didn't listen properly. Eventually I was sorted out and the Internet was fixed.

The second problem related to the television.

Now, I've had to call Virgin an incredible number of times of over the last 18 months, so much so that I don't need to listen to the instructions about which numbers to press as i know them off by heart.

The problems have normally been related to the V+ service which have mostly now been sorted

out (after only 18 months of trying) but we now have a problem with the signal on Sky1, Bravo and catch up tv on demand.

So, a network engineer (apparently more highly skilled than your average engineer they send) was sent out to look at the problem. He replaced all the cables outside but that didn't solve the problem so he checked the box out in his van and established that the problem was coming from either the box in the street or from their transmission head end in Knowsley.

So he told me he would arrange for some other engineers to look into the problem and left.

What he failed to tell me was that he had pulled down the trunking over our window that the cable was attached to as you can see in the photo.

About 20 minutes after he left I tried the Internet and now that wasn't working so I phoned India again only to be told that the modem wasn't getting a signal and I can only assume that it is because of what our demolition man had done!

So there is a guy at our house at the moment looking into the problem. Let's hope the front door is still on when I get home!

Anyway, with a bit of luck I will be back online again tonight.


Apparently the Sky1 is now fixed as is the internet! We'll see how long that lasts.

As for the trunking "it was an accident!"

Ok, thanks for telling us... now fix it!


  1. Didn't Virgin buy NTL who had the worst customer service ever to grace the planet? I've been thinking of switching to Virgin but keep hearing horror stories about them!

    I hate Orange and whenever anything goes wrong I have to phone Calcutta at 50p a minute although it helps they inform you it won't take longer than an hour! £30 for a fucking phone call? LMAO!

  2. I believe they did. To be honest the internet connection with Virgin is top class and that is why I haven't yet moved to sky because I know of a couple of poker players who had lots of problems with disconnections on sky which cost them a lot of money. It's finally been fixed now so hopefully that's the end of the problems but Richard Branson is still getting a letter!