Saturday, 6 December 2008

Wow, 2 posts in one day!

... well almost, since it's now Saturday.

Decided to play live tonight since Andrew's football is off in the morning.

Busted out of the tournament relatively early when my AK on A 9 6 flop was behind to A6.

Was pursuaded to stay for the cash game by Ted and ended up having a very interesting few duels with a good player called Karl.

I doubled up my £70 starting stack with AK against Karl's AT (and he knew he shouldn't have been involved with that hand but got caught up in it by circumstance.

Then trebled up with 5h7h on an all heart flop against 3 players where the betting on the flop was pot (£68) call and I had to make the decision of going with the 7 high flush facing that action. I did consider the fold but in the end decided that the pot sized initial bet had more non flush possibilities then flushes and the call was more likely a big heart so I went with it partly because I felt that if I get involved with suited connectors I can't really fold when the flush comes on the flop.

In the end my 7 high flopped flush was better than the 3h4h held by the first guy and the AhAd from the caller didn't improve.

Then I got involved in some hands with Karl.

Firstly when I called his was on the button with AdDd and the flop came ten high. He bet the pot (almost all in) and, after asking him if the ten was good got a read that it was, called and unfortunately his 88 rivered a set.

Then, 2 handed before I had to leave I call his raise with KQ and see a king high flop with 2 spades. he check calls my continuation bet and when the Qs comes on the turn he check raises me from 20 to 60. Now I take him to be good enough to represent the flush and consider before calling hoping to fill up or get a check on the river. He goes all in for £168 into the pot of near £200 and after questioning him felt I had to fold and was more than likely behind.

Especially since I had called his bluff earlier and also he was different this time.

He wouldn't tell me later whether he had it but I'm pretty confident he did.

Anyway, bed for me.


  1. Hi Michael

    I have added you to our blogroll as Tolekim. Let me know if you want any changes done by dropping me a line on
    Are you still having problems posting comments?

  2. hi mike, its karl stokes. told u i read ya blog ha ha!!

    you made a good pass, i think?!?

    i can't show you my cards because you'll remember what i looked like strong or weak, but i relished the challenge with a similar quality player.

    sorry about the 8 on the river after a great call, but i welcomed the task against someone who knows how to play the game properly, an someone who is a thinker.

    credit where due, see ya soon, gl.

  3. Hi Karl, wish your memory was better!

    I enjoyed the game the other night and I really enjoy the metal games in those spots.

    The table was also good natured as opposed to some I have sat on where the atmosphere is not as nice.