Friday, 19 December 2008

Blogger championships update

Up until last night my best finish has been the 3am tournament that I registered for but didn't play. 138th is not bad considering I was asleep but it is sad that I can't finish higher by playing!
Anyway, thought I was going to qualify last night when I sucked out on someone early with 77 against 99.
Then got KQ on the button and so limped as I thought the big bilnd might play back at me if I raised.

Anyway he did raise and so I called.
Flop came J55 and he lead out. I didn't figure him as being strong and so flat called with 2 overs and possibly even the lead.

Turn was a K and when he bets again I opresume he does have the J, I reraised he went all in for a handful more chips and I call to see his aces. Even the Q turn doesn't help and I finish 123rd.

To be honest, if I raise pre flop and he reraises I am still expecting to have the best hand given the table dynamic at the time.

Could probably have folded into the final maybe but the added money (that's right I did notice the extra payouts, unlike some!) made me want to win.

Anyway, looking forward to having a dabble at the mixed games tonight.

Good luck to everyone playing.


  1. Happy New Year
    gl gl for 09


  2. Thanks for popping by the blog and the linkage, Have added a reciprocal link.

    I get some nice RB on full tilt but will be looking for an ipoker roll after I've built on full tilt so might take you up on your offer.

    Can they do player xfer's on ipoker? my plan is to rebuild roll's on all sites nether having used any of my own money and ofering a staggering return to my backers.

    Cheers Kev

  3. Hey mate, how are you?

    Good blog. I have added yours, and I hope you will add mine.

    Hope to see you in Liverpool in February

    Allan /

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