Friday, 5 December 2008

Mixed emotions

Well, good and bad news.
Played 30-40 tournaments last night and didn't suffer the losses of last week but I also didn't win either. I ended up losing about $50 on the night which will be offest by $60 odd rakeback so a miniscule win for the night.

I am wondering whether the fact that I had a bad start on Big Slick is affecting the way others see me and consequently how they are playing against me.

When I was playing on PaddyPower I had played about 5000 tournaments with a ROI of 6%-9% ($4000-$5000 profit) and at one stage I had a little shark swimming next to my name just before I moved to Bog Slick.

On Big slick, I have played 300 odd games with a ROI of -6% (-$3500 profit).

I don't know whether that is affecting the way others play against me and so affecting my results or was 500 games not a big enough sample, or have I changed the way I am playong because of the big downswing I suffered. I need to go back and have a look at some of the hands I played on Paddy and compare that with what I am doing now just to make sure.

Another thing I have been looking at is how I am doing at different times of the day and I am in profit even on Bigslick between the hours of 8 and 12 but losing after 12 on Bigslick. I haven't yet done the same analysis for Paddy which I will do over the weekend. Obviously there are more regulars playing after 12 and more of the casual players before so I will have to take that into account and maybe I do need an even bigger sample before I draw final conclusion.

Anyway, let's see how we do tonight.

I registered for the blogger World Championships on Pokerstars last night so will finish that registration off this weekend and look forward to running into a couple of players when that happens.

Let's see what happens tonight on party night


  1. Hi Michael

    Following our recent discussions on my blog I just wanted to comment on moving sites. I used to play on Hollywood and as they give me cash back on points a rakeback might be the right deal (as you say) so have started to try their double ups.

    I haven't got a huge sample yet but currently my ROI is down 4% than that I am achieving on Laddies.

    The format is a little quicker than on Ladbrokes but the big factor is the style of play. I used to think it was the software that was dodgy but in reality it is just that the majority of players are prepared to call down lighter than they do on Laddies hence the variance isn't so controllable. I guess another factor is that there are about 10 times the amount of players on there than laddies so the chances of meeting a table full of people you have played before is reduced. Or perhaps they are just better players!

    Anyway I am going to continue my sample and see how the profits are affected once I start clearing my cash back. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Regards Geoff (

  2. Hi Geoff, thanks for the comments. I'm going to try a couple of days back on PaddyPower to see how the different username is affecting things. Good luck