Friday, 8 February 2008

Flash Badger

I've still not written up my posts for the last two tournaments on the ship. I will do that this weekend.

One of the blogs I read regularly is flash badgers but I've just tried to access it and it is now only open to invited readers.

Google is telling me to contact the author (Graham) but doesn't allow you to e-mail him directly and since I don't know his e-mail address I can't.

So if you're reading this Graham, can you allow me access, if not and anyone else has a contact for him will you pass the message on please?


On a quick note I played my first poker tournament since the cruise last night on Ladbrokes.

I only had $100 left in the account since I had emptied it to play all of the cruise tournaments. Fortunately I made the last 2 in the $75 freezeout at midnight and with 60000 to 20000 chip lead even managed to make a good call which got my opponent all in with A7 against my A9 but the cruel river allowed him to double up and he went on to win.

I was lucky to flop a couple of very good hands when someone else flopped second best hand to give me a chip lead for most of the second half of the tournament so I can't complain.

Going to play a satellite to the GUKPT in Walsall tonight on Bluesq. My mate Andy qualified on Wednesday. It's not one of my main targets for this year since I have only just come back from the cruise, it's my birthday next week and I need to build my bankroll back up again but if I qualify I'm obviously going to play.

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