Friday, 15 February 2008

Bankroll rebuilding...

Monday February 11th 2008
Leos Casino
£10 rebuy

A bit of a drop down from the last few tournaments but since I put a lot of my bankroll into the cruise I need to build it back up again.

That and the fact that I can't play in the 2 day event in Walsall because the final table will be when I am in work so it was Leos £10 rebuy for me tonight.

Once again I started off well as I quite often do in these tournaments. A few people I know complain about them saying that they can't be bothered with them but for me there is so much value in them if you play tight during the rebuy, people are more than willing to give you their chips.

So with this in mind I build up a stack from 1000 to 3600 pretty early.

Then, despite what I said above the following hand occurred.

Blinds were 50/100 and a couple of the habitual limpers limped in seats 3 and 4 so I limped in position for 200 with Kh9h on the button (there tends to be a lot of limping in these games).

The big blind then raised all in for 500 which was called by the 2 other limpers so I decided that, since they weren't raising the two limpers couldn't call a reraise of 3500 (they both had just over 3400 chips).

But boy, was I wrong, not only did one call, they both did.

So what hands did they have I hear you ask?

A huge 10d6d from the first limper and the equally massive 2s5c from the second who announced that she knew everyone was playing rubbish onmce the hands were turned over.

Obviously the board came with 3 diamonds to give limper no 1 the pot.

Oh well, chips please!

So, after 5 rebuys, the break is here and I have about 5000 chips.

We get to the last 27 and I am moved to a new table where I have just under 4000 chips and the blinds are 300/600.

I then get a run of cards including AK twice, AJ, QQ where I raise all in 4 times in about 6 hands showing them each time because I know I will be raising later with poor hands if short stacked.

I then get AJ near the button after a limper, a regular I know called Phil "Aquaboy" Benton who would not slow play a big hand in that position so I go all in again. He says to me that I've been very active but I think you have a big hand this time, but I feel like gambling. Eventually he calls the all in with KQ and spikes a king or queen to leave me down to 1600. I then get another couple of good hands and take the blinds until my exit hand.

After a limper I get KK in late position and go all in again for 3000 odd chips which is called by the BB and limper. The flop comes all middle cards, I'm not certain the exact cards and there is a bet and a call, the turn is checked and the river gives the limpers pair of nines a straight and I am out again.

I could do with a couple of tournaments where the hands hold up and I get come cashes to revitalise the bankroll.

I'm sure one of those winning streaks will copme along sonner or later and I just need to take advantage when it does.

I knew when I entered the tournaments on the cruise that I was using a large portion of my bankroll and I needed to cash in one of them to keep my bankroll healthy enough.

I have about $3500 in various online rooms and my poker account has £1500 so I'll have to stick to the £100 f/o and maybe the £100 rebuy events as my biggest events until the bankroll is large enough again.

I was planning to play all of the Gala (GCBPT) events this year (5 x £500 entry) and enter as many GUKPT events that I could satellite into but I can't justify it on my current bankroll so I'll just have to enter stick to the satellites to try to win my way into them.

I actually played a GUKPT satellite on Bluesq on Wednesday and was chip leader for quite a while until my pair of tens were reraised.

Then on a J High flop I check raised what I thought was AK only to find out it was KK when he went all in but I was priced in and my 15000 chip leading stack was reduced to a 5000 below average stack. The only consolation being that a mate (Charlie Denton) who was also chip leader with me at the time went on to qualify for the event at the Vic next month.

Anyway, I'm off to Walsall tonight for the £100 f/o and I know snoopy and Flashbadger are there in the main event today so I'm hoping to say hello as I've been reading their blogs since they inspired me to start my own and I've not spoken to them in person yet.

So good luck me.


  1. Like the new look for the blog Michael, keep your head mate and the bankroll will come again.

  2. Cheers Mick.
    Well done in Walsall, saw you there on Friday but you were in the tourney and didn't want to disturb you.
    Then when the dinner break was on couldn't find you. After that, I was in the side event and the breaks never coincided.

  3. do u have a link to that on youtube?

  4. got the link - cheers for that

    will piost it tomorrow

    Your mate was terrible at poker btw! open pushing 17 bb from 1st position a few hands earlier!!

    lol oh well... I do look in a whole world of pain!

  5. I've seen him do things like that before with Jacks and even aces.

    Not something that I think is ever right but each to his own.

  6. Dear Micheal,
    i have been a big fan of yours and have been following your career for some time now,if you can spare a few minutes out of your busy schedule is there any chance you could send me a sighned poster of yourself so i could put it on my bedroom wall next to Phil Ivy.
    Your biggest fan, Barbara xxx

  7. "Barbara" on of the benefits of having a stat counter is that you can download the ip address of the people who visit your blog.

    Add that to the blatant problem you have with spelling, in particular the words "ide" and "ime" - and I know one person in particular who makes those mistakes.

    He is a very tall chap with distinct shortage of hair, someone who I have a very good tell on!

    Anyway, thanks for commenting "Barbara" I'll give you a copy of the poster when I see you next. - lol

    Oh, and I won't tell everyone about your little secret - honest!