Sunday, 10 February 2008

Fast and furious

Side event 2
$300 f/o
3000 starting chips
January 30th 2008

This event was always going to have the biggest field due to the size of the buy in but also, because the $1000 event was due to start the next morning, everyone I spoke to was planning to play it fast and either get through to day 2 with a lot of chips or go out early.

My plan was to do the opposite and be aware that people would be playing it fast.

Things started out brilliantly.

At the 25/25 level there was a raise to 125 from a player called Gangster99 on Ladbrokes. He does very well in high level cash games on Ladbrokes and I have come across him in a few festival events in the North West. I looked down at a pair of aces on the button and raised to 350 which he called.

The flop came down 8 high rainbow and Glenn checked, I bet 375, Glenn raised to 950, I went all in and Glen stands up saying have you got aces?

So now I know he has KK and just stare ahead as I normally do.

Glenn then asked me if I had QQ, so I want to give him some clue that I do so when he asked
that I very briefly scratched my nose and kept staring ahead.

As I hoped Glenn took that as an unconscious cue that he had named my hand and called instantly with his kings.

The turn was a blank and the river was a queen meaning that Glenn would have lost even if I did have queens.

So I was up to 6000 chips very early and then out table was broken.

A while later when the blinds were 50/100, I was in the small blind after the break when the big blind was missing.

A player in late position appeared to look at the missing big blind and then raised to 300 so I decided to call with 56o.

The flop came down a lovely 56J and I bet 400, the raiser raised to 1100 and I went all in for his last 1000 or so which he called with his Kings and I was up another 2500.

I then went through a spell where I was card dead and any time I was involved in a pot I totally missed the flop and my opponent hit.

Eventually I went out with KQ v 10 3 after my short stacked push.

In all I was pretty disappointed that I never posted a result after such a good start.

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