Friday, 30 November 2007

Ladbrokes Cruise Daily Final

Played the Ladbrokes Cruise Daily Final tonight and felt I had to post because of the way it finished!
20 runners and I'm down to the last 4 with 2 seats paying all equal chips.
At the table is a lad I know from Leo's - Phil Benton.
You've got to think that with 2 seat paying out one of us will make it....

Well think again because first Phil gets all the money in with AK against KJ and the flop comes down KJJ, an ace on the turn gives some hope but the river is a blank.

Well that's bad enough but a few hands later, against the same player I've got all my chips in with AK against KQ and what comes on the flop?
You guessed it.... a bloody Queen.

What are the odds of that? both going out against the same player with dominating hands like that.

Oh well, that's poker I suppose.

Came away with $250 profit but !!!!!!!

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