Sunday, 25 November 2007

Cash is king

Monday November 19th.

Played Leo's £10 rebuy last night - 80 runners.
First hand QQ Utg+1 and I'm all in because there's always a couple prepared to go all in first hand in the rebuys. 2 callers both with AJ and I've trebled up first hand.

Second hand AK raised to 500, reraised by QJ (one of the AJ callers) and I'm now sitting on 4000 chips.

A few hands later and my KK is being reraised by someone with 3000 and before I know it I've got 11000 chips and there is only 20 mins gone!

Trouble is, when you start off as well as that it the luck quite often turns against you before the rebuy period is over.

Suffice to say that I managed to make it look like I'm bluffing when I had AK on a King high flop so that I'm reraised by K2 only for the 2 to hit on the turn to lose 6000.

So when the rebuys are over and I've got 4400 chips and my Q9 from the big blind hits a TJQ flop all my chips go in after someone lead out with QJ. Blanks on the turn and river send me off to the cash game.

Still, every cloud has a silver lining, and my silver lining was in the shape of a juicy cash game.

We play £1/£2 pot limit where raises are not respected and it is not uncommon for a pot sized raise to see the flop 6/7 or 8 handed.

My silver lining took the form of a set of 9s on a flushing board that ended up with £300 all in in the middle on the Q94 flop that turned the flush and rivered the full house.

The other hand of note was 45 on a T 3 6 flop giving me a cheap look at the turn of 7 followed by a nice pot sized bet. Unfortunately when went to bet the river and the villain quickly grabbed his money I bet a bit too much and he folded.

Anyway, a nice tidy profit of £540 which is about the same as 4th or 5th place in the tournament would have paid.

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