Saturday, 1 December 2007


Well, maybe as some sort of payback for the cruise tournament, I had some good news yesterday.

Ladbrokes have been running the Ladbrokes Pub Poker Championships on a Sunday night with a Cruise place available as an added prize for the winner of the championships. There have been 5 tournaments over the last 5 weeks with the winner of each tournament going through to the grand final in London along with the 10 best points scorers and 5 wildcards.

Unbelievably I have been picked out of the random draw as one of the wildcards with the tournament being held on Sunday 9th at the Ladbrokes casino and sports bar in Paddington.

There are only 20 players in the tournament with a 1st prize of a place on the Ladbrokes cruise.
I have checked out the competition and Lifeisalaugh is the only player in the MTT leaderboard top 100.

I don't know whether any of these players have played live before or how good they are but I'm hoping - lifeisalaugh aside - to be one of the better players there.

Even if i'm only as good as the average player there the $5500 cruise place provided by Ladbrokes is still a great prize considering it only cost $5 to enter each tournament.

I'm hoping my experience of playing some of the live GUKPT tournaments will prove useful.

Ladbrokes are also providing us with $300 expenses so it has already been well worth playing the tournaments.

I have to be fair to Ladbrokes, they do some good promotions and that is where I play most of my on-line tounraments. I've had a share in their poker horses for the last two years and even though this year's horse was plagued with injury problems they have decided to carry the share ownership through to next season which the didn't have to do.

Let's hope next January i'm reporting from the cruise ship!!!

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