Saturday, 22 August 2009

Semi Jackpot again

So, a few more days and not fantastic results.

Wednesday I played 18 tournaments and lost $90

Thursday I played 9 and lost $343

Friday I played 10 and won $132

Giving me a net loss of $121

which is covered by my rake during that period is $161

However, I have been playing the Jackpot Single table tournaments and I managed to finish first or second in 6 in a row which gives me $750 consolation prize.

I actually finished in 1st in 3 of them which is a shame because 6 1st places is worth $90,000 at the moment - although it has been as high as $150,000.

As a result I have decided that I am going to be playing a lot more of these with the aim of winning the jackpot in the next 6 months if I can.

I went out to Manchester G casino on Thursday night playing from 7pm until 5am.

I started out pretty well and was quickly $100 up but that was slowly eroded through the night after a couple of nuggets joined the table where our game of $1-$1 had straddles (blind raises) of $128 on 2 occasions The $128 straddle almost had the guy all in pre flop before he had even looked at his cards. I was on the cut off seat 6 handed when I had K3 in the $128 straddle hand but wasn't prepared to gamble that my better than average hand would win against the two guys who were either all in or committed. It turns out that I would have been a big underdog as the straddle guy had KQ but my K3 would have actually won!

I had my first game of golf in 18 months on Wednesday.

The weather was great and I was able to play more consistantly than the other two guys I know from poker who are both in the Dream Team (Andy Massey and Tim Hickling). Shame I don't get to play more but it was a really enjoyable day and something I must do more of!

Andrew has a friendly tomorrow morning and I'm playing the afternoon so a busy day tomorrow.

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