Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Days 1-3

Well the poker week really didn't start well at all.

I get a daily limit of $750 from badbeat to play poker with which gets refreshed at the end of each day regardless of the balance

(ie if I lose $150 today my balance will be $600 1st thing in the morning. Badbeat then top up the account to $750. Similarly they withdraw whatever is in there over $750.)

At the end of the month they then pay out half of the profits plus rakeback (which is approximately 50% of the rake that the online casino charge for playing poker on their site.)

On Sunday, after about 2 hours, I was down to $100 in my account after running really badly in the $50 double up tournaments and so I had to fill that hole before I could even start making some money to pay for this week's enforced, unpaid, holiday!

Fortunately, since then I have made $80 yesterday after only managing to play a small number of tournaments because I was playing the dream team tournament for a good few hours before busting out in 52nd place.

Today I have made $300 after managing to put in a good 5 hours or so which is much better.

I've also paid for a license for Holdem Manager (a poker program that tracks all of the hands I play and the hands of everyone else I play against.) I've managed to get it up and running and I'm having a session with my poker mentor on Thursday where I am looking to get it set up well and look at some of the statistical information it holds to analyse my play.

Got my first game of golf in nearly 2 years tomorrow having been injured last year and really busy trying to get a job this year which has stopped me playing in the society I am a member of.

Liverpool didn't play well on Sunday - they looked exactly like they did last year at the start of the season - desperately in need of games to get match fit. Hopefully they can turn that around quickly as there is not much room for bad spells in the league.

I notice Arsenal have started well but watching them tonight there was a few times that Celtic had overload situations on the counter attack that showed one of Arsenal's weaknesses. I do like the look of Vermaelen though!

Anyway, that's it for now.

If you are new to poker or online casinos feel free to click one of the links but remember to gamble responsibly!


  1. It can only get better though eh? Tonking Stoke tonight would be a good start :)

  2. Indeed and 4-0 is a hell of a lot better than last year, especially after Burnley's result

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