Saturday, 25 July 2009

Permanent Job

Well, after about 10 interviews I've finally got a permanent job secured with Lancashire County Council.

Based in Bamber Bridge it means a 45 minute commute each day but it's all motorway and it can take that long getting to town by bus.

Salary is not too bad either, almost as much as I was on before and the role looks quite meaty.

Because of the interviews I've not been playing much so hope to get that back on track now that I have sorted the job.

Training starts for the new football season on Sunday and, after 3 months of playing 5 a side every week, now that training is starting I've pulled the muscle at the top on my left leg. It's the one that you use to lift your thigh up and so it wasn't easy driving home.

Going down to Southampton on Thursday to go on one of those gift experiences sailing a yacht. Then it's over to Bridgwater on Friday for my Mum's 60th party. Hope the weather is good.

Going to watch Brick up the Mersey Tunnel tomorrow night which is supposed to be very funny.

Anyway, bed for me now as I have to go bag packing for a couple of hours tomorrow with Andrew's football team to raise some money.


  1. hye mate brick up the mersey tunnel is hillarious, good luck with the new job to

  2. OMG you werent in my Asda doing that on Saturday were you...come to think of it, the guy at the end of the till looked suspiciously like you lol!!

  3. Cheers Amatay. Mr Origami, sorry it wasn't me, I was in Iceland!