Thursday, 2 July 2009

New Job

Well, after weeks of applications (fortunately online via cv which doesn't take too much time), numerous phone calls and 7 interviews I managed to get a job today.

It's only temporary for 2 - 3 months covering for a long term sick person but there is the potential for it becoming permanent and, whilst it is not quite as much as I was looking for, it is very local and I can start Monday which means I have no gap in employment (although I was sort of looking forward to a week or two off given the current weather - I quite fancied the idea of playing poker in the garden)

Sounds like it might be interesting anyway.

Just received an email from Delta airlines today telling me about a change to our itinerary for when we go to Florida in August.

After 10 minutes of looking I couldn't work out what had changed so I dug out the original itinerary and checked all the dates of departure, take off times etc, nothing has changed! Until I checked the landing times and yes, there it is! Our flight from New York to Orlando will be landing 2 minutes earlier!

2 minutes... They must have recruited a faster pilot!

Would you be bothered to tell anyone?

It looks like my limit has been upped on bad beat too since I logged on today and there is a bit more in my account. So I played a quick couple of STT's and picked up a nice quick couple of hundred $$ which is not bad for the P&L despite what I said the other day lol.

Anyway, bed for me now.

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