Friday, 6 February 2009

Clear out time...

So Robbie Keane has gone, Gerrard has a torn hamstring and Torres looks tired and out of sorts. It's all looking rosy for Liverpool.

To be fair, Torres was looking like this in the autumn and then as soon as he scored a goal it was like he was transformed into a different player.

I just hope he comes back from Spain injury free which would make a change!

I've been looking at some of the links down the right hand side of my blog in the other blogs section and some of them are out of date so I'm going to delete them all(not the blogs I read section - I will be keeping all of them). If your blog is down there and still being updated, let me know and I will leave it there.

I'm trying to increase the number of updates I'm doing and add a bit more non poker stuff to give it a bit more variety.

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  1. Rafa will sort it mate ;) My blog is still active although it does have a different name now.....