Thursday, 12 February 2009

The adventure begins...

Well, I'm finally up and running with badbeat.
$500 daily limit and so I decided to take it slowly at first and see what happens.
I fired up 5 double up tourneys, 3 $50 and 2 $20.
Luckily enough I managed to win all 5 so an absolutely fantastic start for a profit of $171.

So I decided to play a cash table for an hour just to see what the heads up software was like. I played for about half an hour or so at $.5/$1 and ended up in profit to the tune of a massive $2.

So that's it for now.

A few days off work and probably off poker too since I've got my Dad visiting for my 40th birthday tomorrow (today now)


  1. happy birthday mate, an good luck with badbeat.
    karl s

  2. Hello

    Great blog you have ;)

    I see that you link to many pokerblogs, would you mind linking to The Pokerstar Blog ?