Monday, 2 February 2009

Bad Beat, goodbye Robbie Keane and the Liverpool Winter Festival Satellite

Got confirmation from Badbeat today that I will be starting trading as a trainee trader once they have completed all the set up processes.

So, as expected, Robbie Keane has gone back to Spurs. A shame really as I like him as a player. His enthusiasm is infectious and given a run in the team I am sure he could have been a success. Good luck to him back there and let's hope he gets a couple when he plays against Man Utd.

I'm about to go down to the Circus in Liverpool for a satellite to Friday's Winter Festival Main event.

Haven't won anything for a while now but have a pretty good record when it comes to satellites so I'm hoping that I can put in a better show than of late.

If not then I've got a charity poker night on Friday for one of the football teams that is part of the Mags Club which Andrew's two teams are part of.

Let's hope I can't make it cos I'm in the Winter Festival.

Fingers crossed....

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