Saturday, 31 January 2009

Home alone, badbeat, job applications and the odds are wrong

Well I'm sitting here at home when I should be put playing football.
I went out today taking Andrew (my 9 year old) to football and I was only standing on the touchline for an hour and a half but even that caused me enough back pain to know there was no chance of playing today.

It's funny how we try to convince ourselves that "it won't be too bad once I'm running" but in reality I knew there was not much chance of being able to play today.

Anyway, beat the kids at Mariocart when we got home (which is a bit unusual, especially Emma - my 13 year old.)

Anyway, applied for a few interesting jobs too today so it's been quite productive.
The Internet makes things so much easier to apply for jobs. I remember when I was applying for teaching jobs back in 1993/4 and it used to take hours filling out forms etc, now a couple of clicks here and there and I've applied for 6 jobs in 30 minutes!

I went out to play live last night for the first time in a couple of weeks since I couldn't play 5-a-side. Got a few chips before the break when my KK held up against 5 players. Then proceeded to bluff off half my stack when my big blind was min raised to 800 and I held A7. Decided the player was weak when he continuation bet the K high flop and so called the flop bet with nothing with the intention of taking it away with a check raise on the turn on a bet on the river. He checked behind on the turn and when the K came on the river I bet 3/4 of the pot and he made a good call with trip kings.

I went out not long after with AJ all in for 3100 when the blinds were 400/800.

One point I will make is the time it was taking our dealer to deal each hand. We were playing about 2 minutes for each hand. When the blinds are 20 minutes, that means we are getting one round at each blind level which doesn't half make it into a crap shoot!

There really was some poor play on show though, including one guy calling the blind of 100 very first hand (with a starting stack of 1000.) He then calls the raise to 500 with 4 others in the pot and finally folds when it is reraised to 1000 when all other 4 had called! Apparently he had 8d9d!

I must stop this fancy play syndrome when I do get some chips! I find it relatively easy to get through the rebuy period in these things without many rebuys but haven't cashed in so long and need to get my finger out.

On the Badbeat front, I had my "interview" session with my prospective mentor last night when played 2 double up STT's and managed to win both.

From what he said it looks like I will be accepted as a trainee trader early next week and I can see how it goes from there.

On more thing, I notice that you can get 10.5-1 on Liverpool to win the Premier League at the moment. I think the bookies make too much of small changes in the leadership of the league and that is way too high. I'm not saying that Liverpool will win the league but I am certain those odds will come back in over the next few weeks. Manchester United have been on a great winning streak without conceding a goal and that has to end soon and they can easily drop points to Everton, especially if Cahill is fit.

Liverpool, on the other hand have been going through their bad patch and I can see a response to the bad result on Wednesday coming against Chelsea tomorrow. No doubt if they do win and United drop points there will be another wild change in the odds.


  1. Liverpool were luck with the sending off in the Chelsea game.

  2. I totally agree, it was never a sending off, just like it was never a penalty last year!