Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Cooler after cooler

Just got back from the Circus Liverpool where 50 runners played the £30 semi freezeout.

However I must report on these two cooler hands that occurred one after the other to bust a couple of players.

***Warning*** When you read this you will not believe how unlucky the players involved were!

Blinds were 50/100 and most people had 4000 chips.

First hand involved 4 people seeing the flop after no raise pre flop.

The flop came down J54 with 2 spades

Both blinds checked and the UTG bet 400 which was raised by the button to 1400, both blinds folded and the UTG reraised to 3000, button went all in for about 3800 which was called by UTG.

The hands they held....J8 and J9!!!!

On to the next "cooler" where UTG bet 400 UTG+1 raised to 800 small blind reraised all in to 4000 which was called by the big blind and both others in the pot.

The monsters this time....

First raiser AKs
reraiser KK
small blind all in AQo
big blind call all in after raise, reraise and rereraise...AQo!

Please, if somebody needs your thoughts, spare one for those poor souls involved in these inevitable all in hands!!!!

I went out in 30th when my 3600 all in raise wasn't good enough against a limped
(300/600 blinds) A6 who put me on a small pair.

I never seem to win these "races"

Oh well.

Still haven't heard from Bad beat since they checked my accounts....
No doubt they have to go through some sort of decision making process.

On the job front after having passed my psychometric tests I have an interview on Friday for a very good job.

Still don't know where we are at regarding our current contract but I'll have to see what happens if I get offered this job.


  1. don't think either are coolers.

    pass the AQ,

    the J8 J9 Hand - seriously - top pair no kicker vs top pair no kicker is not a cooler.

  2. Lol
    the four ! after J8 and J9 and the "" around the word cooler might have given you the clue that I dodn't really think that either of them were coolers and I was in fact commenting on how far these people were going with such poor hands. Both AQ hands are insta folds in my opinion and as for bet, raise, reraise, all in call with either of those hands....!!!!

  3. sh!t my bad -ha ha - it didnt transmit to me when i read them,


    like the blog tho bro!