Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Profit at last!

Went back to Leos tonight for the £30 double chance.
Took my extra chips straight away after seeing a few hands so that when involved I would be able to extract maximum profit.

There were 3 really notable hands that stood out.

The first was at the 50/100 level with about 6000 chips and the villain had 2400.

Villain has been involved in 60% of hands usually limping and calling raises if one comes.

Villain limps and I raised to 400 from the small blind with KQ - not normally a great hand but a monster on this table.

Villain calls.

Flop comes 933 I check and villain bets 800 I ask him if he hits get the response I need and put him all in for the extra 1000 and he snap calls with QT turn Q river ten. - The river doesn't like me at the moment in liver tournaments!

A little while later after I've lost a couple of thousand when the river paired middle pair to give the other player trips, I've got 2400 and the blinds are 200/400. Cut off goes all in for 2200 and immediately stands up. I call with 66 and he shows A2. Flop comes down QQ6 he starts walking away whilst the turn card Q is being dealt. I tell him to stop because it's not over yet half expecting the other queen to give him the pot but instead an ace comes giving him a bigger boat and leaving me with 200 chips!

I don't want this to sound like a bad beat story because it's not meant to be one and I never get upset when I get out drawn as it's got to happen and so I just accept it as part of poker. I did feel really good though and the two reads I made were both correct which is the main point.

Last hand I've quintupled up to 1000 chips and I'm in the big blind of 600 and after 2 limpers I raise to 1000 with AKo and the flop comes 89T to give Mr JQ UTG limper a flopped straight and I'm on my way home early.

I did manage to play a couple of hours though when I got home and I'm finally in profit on Big Slick to the tune of a mighty £40!

I have, however, earned about $800 of loyalty payments (rakeback equivalent) already this month so at least that is going in the right direction again.

On the work front we are expecting letters to be issued tomorrow offering voluntary severance. There is a very high likelihood that I could be made redundant by the end of March.

However, it's not that bad because I should be due a good payment plus notice pay which should tide things over and then I have the options of getting another job, working for an agency as either an accountant or a teacher with the back up that I am earning more money per hour playing poker than I could earn working at the moment.

I'm not sure if I would want to play for a living but I am currently getting a 6% ROI yet I only need to break even in poker to maintain my current income through rakeback alone. If I were to maintain a 6% return I could multiply my current salary by 5 or more.

Having kids and a mortgage means I would never leave my job to try this but if it were forced on me and I had the backup of 6 months pay sitting in the bank it is very tempting to try it on a month by month basis with the backup of going back to work if I ever drop behind by months salary. Lots for me to think about....

I'm not sure if there is a tax implication if I were to play poker for a living, obviously it is not taxed as it stands but I am hoping to speak to a couple of people about this when I next run into them.

Anyway, that's it for now...

Bed time, I've got to be in work by 9!

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