Tuesday, 4 November 2008


How about this for a hand...


On the bubble of a $200 double up

All in pre flop

Flop comes down KJJ

I'm playing 4 tables and first think crap, then realise Oh I've won that one then the Jack comes lol

I laughed most at my thinking in the hand.

Oh well, back to the tables...


  1. wtf was he doing in there with JQ in the first place? did he have a 5/1 chip advantage on you or something? I always find on ipoker that when I am on a winning streak
    and move up the levels on the double up's the outdraws get sicker and sicker, back to the $50's for now then?
    Good luck mate

  2. lol to be fair I had 840 chips in the small blind of 200 on his big blind of 400 when he had another 1300 behind and he knows I could be pushing with ATC so i would have called too.

    What made me post the hand is my thinking in the hand from knowing I'm ahead to thinking I was behind, realising I was ahead and then finding out I had lost.

    It just made me laugh.