Friday, 21 December 2007



Just played the sixth Jackpot sit and go on Bluesq.

These tournaments are 6 handed and $50 entry with the top 3 being paid.

The big bonus of these tournaments is that if you win 6 in a row you win a jackpot of $50000 plus.

At the moment the jackpot is $190,000.

If you come 1st or 2nd 6 times in a row you win a consolation of $750

So after winning 4 and 2nd once in 5 I played my final one for the $750, I just had to finish in the top 2.

I started out 1st hand losing half my 1000 stack with A5 on an A46 flop when I was bluffed off by JJ

Then with the blinds at 50/100 my all in with KsQs was called by KJ. Fantastic position, until the Jack hit the flop!!!!!

I don't believe online poker is rigged in any way other than the individuals that were allegedly involved with Absolute scandal.

But it damn well feels like it!!!!! LOL

Anyway, I'm back up to 1 win and 2 top 2 places, only 4 or 5 to go!


  1. Good luck - unlucky this time.

    Now linked :)

  2. Hi, Mike. Thanks for the comments. I've added your blog to my list of link and will be sure to keep popping by to see how Mike Win-A-Lott is getting on.

  3. lol, thanks for the comments.
    A good article by the way, although don't what they are doing with the photos from the day!