Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Even the fish can get good hands!

An alternate (first timer) comes to the table and flat calls in early position then leads out on a Q rag flop before proudly showing his J8 bluff.
Next hand he is ready to call when Utg raises so he calls and leads out on an 8 high flop before calling all in to the check raise and catches
An 8 on the river. A few hands later and I call with 22 on the button.
The flop is Q85 and he bets 500 into 1600 which is called by the third player in the hand and me.
I'm banking on winning a big pot if a 2 comes...
Turn is the jackpot 2 and we both check to newbie who bets 1000 this time and I decide
To flat call since the board is pretty tame.
The river is a 9 and I check again pretty sure he will bet which he does -5000 this time. And I raise all in 3000 more.
As he goes to call I still think I'm ahead
But he shows 88 for a better set. It just goes to show that even bad players get good cards!!

I eventually went out with 66 running into KK for a quick departure to Leo's where I am currently sat waiting for a seat. In the cash game.

On the football front, it was interesting to see the suggestion that the premier league are considering plans to
Give the 4th champions league place to the winners of a play off.

As a Liverpool supporter we are one of the teams that stands to lose most if this happens but I
Think this would be a great idea. Some of the best games of the season are the playoff finals that decide promotion
And relegation in the championship etc so I think it would add some extra high quality games to watch as well as keeping the
Premier league competitive for almost every team right up to the end of the season.
Add to that the added possibilities for the also ran teams and we would maintain the best league in the world.

I've just seen the Fabianski howler in tonights champions league and it just coinfirms to me that Wenger has lost his edge. Everybody has
Been saying how he needs a goalkeeper and tonight just proves that he doesn't even have a good no 2 either.

I'm not and Arsenal fan, although I love the football his teams play but they play very pretty football until the last third where it counts and then teams just play narrow and block off all the passing routes to
Leave them toothless.


  1. Mate, I have to disagree about the play off would make the league a farce...why bother fighting tooth and nail for that last spot if you are going to have to play off against lesser teams and risk losing on a one off...bigger teams that have 4th/5th sewn up will start playing reserve teams sooner than normal to save their best players for the play offs...this could effect the entire division if they are giving away games against some teams and not others. Loads of others reasons but too much to go into here!

  2. you called with 22 on a q85 board, versus 2 players, there is no justification for a call, absaloutely awful. You then have the Audacity to call him a fish after you go fishing for 2 outs.

  3. He bet 500 with nothing in a previous hand and with the other caller I'm getting the implied odds to see an extra card in position. Don't forget this is live which adds to the advantage of position so I like it. Also I'm not worried about the other player because I know he hasn't got a good hand.