Monday, 18 January 2010

Quad twos again?!!

Played cash tonight at the circus in Liverpool.

A couple of hours in I'm sitting on a stack of £600 from a starting stack of £100.

I had built the stack through a few nice pots including one hand where I had limped in the big blind after the button had straddled and I was holding KK.

No one raised and I checked an A63 flop and the button bet £16 into the pot of £16. I called this having expected him to bet most flops. The turn came a 7 and I decided to check again and let him continue his bluff.

The river was a J diamonds that put a flush on the board and I checked a third time hoping to see a check back but he bet £100 on the river.

At this point I am only beating a bluff but my plan all along had been to let him bluff at me. The fact that a backdoor flush had arrived factored into my decision but I felt that he was more than capable of 3 barrel bluffing so I took my time and asked him if my pair of kings were winning.

To cut a long story short, after a couple of minutes I got the smile I was looking for and called to see his 35 bluff and rake a lovely pot.

Anyway, I also had a couple of hands against John, a pretty good lag player, who will raise a lot of his buttons.

On one of these hands John had raised again on the button and it ended up me betting the river and john flat calling with trips that he had made on the river. After that hand we talked afterwards about how john couldn't raise because he was only getting called by a better hand.

There were 2 pots where each of us made quad 2s before the fateful biggest pot of the night.

With a straddle from John on the button I flat called with 99 along with john and a couple of new players. The flop came Kc2h3h and the new player bet 10 into the pot of 18. I called along with John. The turn was a 2, which was checked all around and the river was a wonderful looking 9 giving me a full house of 9s full of 2s. I bet 50 into the pot of about 60 and John thought about it for ages before raising £200.

This is where it got interesting because of our previous conversation.

I have to admit that I did consider folding because of our previous conversation, however, I just called, even though he could have had K2 for a lower full house and he showed 22 for quads and raked the pot.

I've never been so disappointed to walk away with a profit of £80 for 2 hours work!!

Things went from bad to worse when I got to the car park.

Parking is normally £2.50 (after 18:00 apparently) which we get from the casino, however, when I went to pay the machine asked me for £12. After cancelling and checking the tariff on the wall I realised that this was because I had arrived at 17:57. So I reluctantly put my ticket back into the machine to pay my £12 but now the machine was asking for £15!

After looking around for the hidden cameras that had to be filming me for some TV prank show, I check my ticket only to see that it had just clicked past 1:57 which meant that I had gone from the 6-8 hour tariff of £12 to the 8-10 hours rate of £15!!!!

If only I had arrived 3 minutes later.

Needless to say I won't be playing the lottery this week!!!


  1. Michael, you SURE there wasn't any cameras - thats what has happened to me, well similar - gotta laugh though hay. lol

  2. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if there were hidden cameras in car parks, and groups of people huddled around monitors laughing at you and me.

    The other day I rushed to my car in order to get to the machine just before the 2 hour point to avoid entering the next payment bracket. I successfully paid after 1h 58m and walked smugly to my car. Of course, when I went to exit the car park the barrier wouldn't bloody open because I had only paid for 2 hours but by then it was a few minutes later. Bloody ridiculous.

    Anyway, I notice you've been very quiet on the football front recently... Sorry to say it but I actually do think it's time for Rafa to walk now. This run of poor results has gone on for far too long now.

  3. There was a scam in London run by one of the big parking firms. They set a 5 minute difference between the entry barrier machine and the pay machines causing most people to pay for more hours than they had actually stayed!

  4. The parking meter story is golden!