Sunday, 24 January 2010

Day 2

First hand back and I'm in the big blind at 800/1600 200 and there are 2 limps.
I look down to see 9dTd and shove, all fold and I'm up to 19000. Terrible play by the limpers with my stack size!
We then had an all in which was survived but it left the loser with only 5600 chips left.
Then, on my bb the short stack shoved in the cut off which was called by the sb after a good think. I decided to fold with 34o had 34 and folded. As it turned out we would have split the pot 3 ways.
A few hands later and the short stack pushes again from early position. When I saw TT I shoved for 15000 only to run into the big blind holding QQ.
The board came Q75 and paired the 5 on the turn to leave me out short of the money.
Nothing I could have done there.
Enjoyed the game but would have been nice to get some chips at some point!
Good luck to Andy and Jimmy who have both made the final table.

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