Friday, 13 November 2009

Four King Hell!!!!

I went to Blackpool last night to play the GUKPT side event. I went straight from work so got there at 5.30 and went to buy in to this 90 runner event only to find that there was already 16 people on the alternate list.
By 6pm that numbered over 40!
Luckily they squeezed an extra table in and I managed to start from the beginning.
After a brief appearance from Ali Mallu who went out in shocking fashion, probably on tilt from earlier, Steve Holden sat down 3 to my left.
My first of only 2 significant hands involved Steve.
After dropping to about 2900 from his original 5000 I raised from 100 to 300 in early position with KK and Steve reraised to 1200. He called my shove with AQ and the door card A was good enough to take half of my chips.
A short while later I got kings again and there was a raise from UTG to 300 which I reraised to 1050. He tanked for ages and then called.
I can't remember the exact flop but it was something like 863 and he checked, I bet 1000 and he called. The turn was a 4 and he checked again with me putting my last 450 in for him to call and announce straight showing 57 and leaving me out before the end of the second level.
Oh well, that's the nature poker.
So I went to Leos to play some cash which started off really well going from 50 to 200 in quick fashion before bluffing off some chips with air.
I finished that session only £50 up but enjoyed the session and with the new dealer dealt game much more comfortable than the games that used to be there and stopped me from playing so I'll be there a lot more regularly from now on.
That's it for now, footy then a few drinks.

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