Monday, 9 November 2009

The boy who cried wolf

The funniest thing I've seen in a long time happened yesterday when Drogba was booked for assaulting Johnny Evans' studs with his chest.

I think I've said before that one day that girl is going to get seriously injured and everyone will carry on playing around him. I thought that had happened on Sunday when he got those studs right in the chest and he was shaking on the floor like someone who had just received a horrific injury. My thinking was still the same as he tried to stand up and then nearly collapsed as though he had snapped about 3 ribs.

Fortunately the referee came over administered a miracle cure that must have been developed somewhere in the Ivory coast, namely the brandishing of a yellow card. As soon as the yellow card was shown Drogba instantly forgot about his catastrophic injury and started jumping up and down complaining about the card.

What the referee can possibly think he was booking him for I don't know unless it was for simulating a casualty from a war film.

For me he got exactly what was coming to him and the sooner he gets this out of his game the better, until then I hope he gets booked time and time again.
Interesting that it wasn't difficult getting a photo of Drogba injured!
It was also funny when I heard a Man Utd caller on the Talksport phone in saying that they haven't have any decisions given to them since Fergie's rant.
He must have been looking the other way when Drogba got his yellow.
It was a nice change seeing a decision go against them yesterday though!


  1. He got booked for being a Drogba!!

  2. Divers should receive a 3 match retrospective ban if it is clear that they dived and were not touched.

    There are cases where the player is put off by a lunge and go down and I think you have to make sure that you don't punish them if they are not trying to cheat.

    Maybe the way to decide is to look at whether the player appeals for a penalty or not.

    I include Ngog in this as well because, although he might have been put off by the slide I think it was most likely a dive to get a pen and so he should be banned along with Bent and anyone else that does it.