Monday, 6 October 2008


At last a significant win in a live tourney!

I got a bit of help along the way a couple of times when I picked up AA and KK after there had been 2 all ins before.

Unfortunately the casino closes at 4 and we were still 4 handed so we they did a chip count but I still got slightly more than 2nd place even though I was 3rd in chips!

So, in the hope of making it a streak I played again last night and got as far as 17th with £1500 for the winner but unfortunately when i raised to 11000 (blinds were 1500/3000) with QQ in early position I got reraised all in for another 18000 by someone holding AA.

I did have to think about this one since the same guy had folded JJ to a reraise a few hands earlier but in the end almost half my stack was already in and he must have had a wide range than QQ.

Anyway, back to the double up tourneys tonight. I played a few on Friday and made $130 loss on the session after playing some $200 games so I'm still hopeful this will continue to work out.

I also identified a new buddy on the $200 table when I sharkscoped one of the players on the table after a couple of plays he made and sharkscope told me he has lost $35,000 playing $50, $100 and $200 tournaments. So needless to say I kept my eye out for where he was playing.


  1. Well done mucker, chuffed for u.

  2. nice result m8. What the user of the fish who has done 35k btw :-)

  3. Mike, its no secret to everyone out there that you have some serious talent for no limit holdem tournaments, but if Stu Ungar was still alive do you think you would still have the legendary status that you have now or that Stu would take some of the lime light from you ?

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  4. Hi

    Just wanted to comment on your double up game selection strategy.

    I also think these are great bank roll stabilising tournaments, especially when you understand about your stacks value relative to your current table position and the when the prize kicks in. However because of this understanding their is no real benefit from "playing poker" with people and more often than not the +ev play is to just fold. So whilst they will slowly build your bank roll I believe they are not good for your poker skills long term.

    That is why I do the following:

    1. For every 2 double ups I win I enter a normal 10Man STT at the same buy in.

    2. When I want to play a MTT I state my next double up tournament will be the satellite for it and select one that will cover that buy in. If I lose I don't enter the MTT, if I win I enter.

    I find this keeps my general poker playing skills sharper, and controls the bank roll.

    Let me know your thoughts.


    Geoff Merriman (GTheJester)

  5. Jester, I totally agree that after the blinds reach the 100/200 level these tournamaments are all about stack sizes and that is where a lot of people make mistakes.

    However, that is still an important poker skill.

    Similarly, knowing that certain players will need a very big hand to call in some situations allowing you to steal in he right circumstances and knowing that with 600 in the big blind as chip leader you should be calling a button raise all in of 1000 with any two cards are also some of the basic mistakes that I see players making even in the $100 tournaments.

    At the moment though I am more interested in building a proper bankroll for the majority of the time before I go back to playing
    other tournaments although I will be looking at some satellites to the Blackpool leg of the GUKPT over the next couple of weeks.

  6. Anonymous, you keep coming back leaving childish comments so I'm not publishing them any more.

    I was posting them so that I could laugh at you but it's become tedious now.

    Something I have no doubt you are used to since your life is so exciting you are coming back to this blog day after day, multiple times each day lol.

    sad sad sad....